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If you're potty training, the clue is in the name - you need a potty.

The potty is one item in your arsenal that you're about to get intimately acquainted with - this potty is going to be by your side, day and night, while you potty train your toddler. The potty is going to go with you everywhere; to friends' and family's homes, to the shops, on walks in the woods, and to cafes.

There will be days when it feels like you haven't been further than two feet away from that potty all day - and for good reason. A potty is an essential part of toilet training and it's important both you and your toddler are happy with the potty you choose. Alternatively, it's work considering a potty seat for the toilet too.

For essential tips and tricks, read our guide to potty training article.

The best potties:

  • The Potette Max

  • Fred & Flo Steady Potty

  • Pote Plus My First WC

  • Nuby My Real Potty

  • Summer Infant My Size Potty

How did we choose the best potty?

There are loads of potties on the market to buy today, but which one should you choose?

To help you decide, we've rounded up the best ones - including the potties that have featured in our annual Mother&Baby Awards. Every year, we have a massive panel of real mums who test new products thoroughly with their own children, writing in-depth reviews of the products that help us decide who deserves those coveted Gold Awards.

So you can rest assured that the potties we've listed here have been tested and reviewed thoroughly - not just by the mums and experts in Team M&B, but also by real-life mums putting these potties through their paces.

You might also want to invest in a travel potty, as well as a potty for home - make sure to read our guide to the best travel potties, too.

Fred u0026 Flo Steady Potty

Fred u0026amp; Flo Steady Potty

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The design is practical with a high back for comfort, non slip base for safety, and it's lightweight so it is easily portable.

The Fred u0026 Flo Steady Potty has been Shortlisted in the 2021 Mu0026B Awards for the Best Potty Training Product.

Tested by mum Lucy for the Mu0026B Awards 2021: "The potty is pretty basic, with a white background and cute duck and rainbow designs on it but my son absolutely loves it as it is all his. It’s a nice compact size so fits in my downstairs loo and is easy to grab (using a space at the back) to be used quickly or to empty. It has non-slip feet so can be used safely."

Read our full review of the Fred u0026 Flo Steady Potty here

The Potette Max

The Potette Max

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We like this portable potty's 3-in-1 design. It has a hard liner for use at home - simply empty down the toilet. Then you can use it as a travel potty, with biodegradeable liners and a travel bag. Plus, you can also fold it flat as a toilet training seat, to sit on top of a toilet. It's great that it does all three things, as it means you only have to buy one potty - rather than a potty, a travel potty, and a seat.

The Potette Max has been Shortlisted in the 2021 Mu0026B Awards in the Best Potty Training Products category.

Tested by mum Sikha for the Mu0026B Awards 2021: "As the mum of a recently potty trained toddler, and a slightly older child too, this product is brilliant. We use it primarily as a child seat for the toilet when we're out and about and both kids find it comfy and ready to use. It is ready to clean and packs up really small. The carry bag is useful. We have also used as an emergency potty when we've been caught short and had to pull over while driving."

Read our full review of the Potette Max here.

Pote Plus My First WC

Pote Plus My First WC

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Want to really engage your little one with toilet training? Get them their own mini toilet! This looks just like an adult toilet - it even has a flusher (although obviously not plumbed in), and a wipes storage compartment.

This has been Shortlisted for the Mu0026B Awards 2021 in the Best Potty Training Products category.

Tested by mum Hannah for the Mu0026B Awards 2021: "This potty is great as it looks and sounds like a real life size toilet. It is easy to empty and clean and even sounds like a real toilet with the flush button. My little boy had a traditional potty that he would not go near for some reason and now loves going to the potty like a big boy. It comes in three different colours and is the perfect size for toddlers."

Read our full review of the Pote Plus here.

Nuby My Real Potty

Nuby My Real Potty

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This is another favourite of ours, imitating a real toilet even with a real flushing noise. There's also a hand place for storing wipes at the back too.

This won Silver in the Mu0026B Awards 2020 in the Best Potty Training Products category.

Tested by mum Sally for the Mu0026B Awards 2020: "This potty really is amazing! It is such a lovely addition to any bathroom/living room or wherever in your house a potty needs to be! It looks very comfortable and my little one was very happy with it. The flushing is a great feature and such a fun thing for the children to be able to do as a reward after they do their business, just like a big person!"

Read our full review of the Nuby My Real Potty here.

Summer Infant My Size Potty

Summer Infant My Size Potty

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Imitation adult toilets are all the rage at the moment - this one features a flip-up seat, a realistic flush and a place to hold wipes. Available in pink or white (but not blue?), it has a removable, easy to clean bowl and a clip-on splash guard for boys.

This won Bronze in the 2020 Mu0026B Awards in the Best Potty Training Products category.

Tested by mum Jade for the 2020 Mu0026B Awards: "This potty is fantastic! My little boy absolutely loves it and shows it to everyone who visits our home. Before this potty, I was struggling to convince him that he should go the toilet on our very simple potty and he could not understand why we used toilets and he used a potty. Now he has fully taken to attempting to potty train because he has his own mini toilet."

Read our full review of the Summer Infant My Size Potty here.

Our verdict on the best potty

Our favourite potties are the Potette Max and the Fred & Flo Steady Potty. They're very different potties, but with massively different price points. If you want an all-singing, all-dancing potty, then plump for the Potette Max; however, the (much) cheaper Fred & Flo potty does what it says on the tin - it's a potty. You can pee and poo in it, you can empty it easily, and it doesn't cost the earth.

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