The best potty seats for the toilet 2022

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Potty training is a major milestone for your tot, and an important step on their road to becoming more independent. While we’re sure you won’t be sad to say goodbye to nappies, getting your child to be consistently dry during the day can be a challenge. The most important piece of kit you'll need for potty training (except maybe a reward chart!) is either a potty chair or a potty seat.

Which is better: a potty chair or potty seat?

A potty chair is a standalone product that is placed on the floor for your toddler to use while a potty seat goes either over or under an actual toilet.

The choice of which you use is completely up to you and your little one. Some children prefer using the toilet right from the start, especially for poos. Others can find an adult-size toilet a bit intimidating which is why they might prefer a potty.

Benefits of potty seats

• Potty seats are usually lightweight and many can be folded up, meaning you can take them with you when travelling. They're also a lot easier to store compared to a potty chair which is much bulkier.

• Because of the location of the potty seat on top of the toilet, you can immediately flush your tot's business down the toilet which means cleaning is a lot easier than with a potty chair which requires emptying and then cleaning.

• Using a potty seat will make the eventual full transition to using the toilet a lot easier than if you'd used a potty chair as your child will already be used to being up high.

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The best potty seats for toilet

Toilet-training dos and don'ts

Do... give your child plenty to drink. If they aren't drinking lots of fluids, they won’t be able to practise their potty-training skills, and there’s a risk they might become constipated.

Do... only give your child water, milk or sugar-free juice to drink. Sugary drinks and fizzy pop are diuretics and stimulate urine production, making accidents more likely.

Do... stop and try again later if your child isn't ready. If they are still having a lot of accidents every day after a week, give them a break and revisit potty training again in a few weeks' time.

Do... let your toddler lead the way. Every child is different, so don't compare your toddler to others, and don't potty train because other people are telling you to do it.

Do... teach your little boy to wee sitting down first. There'll be plenty of time to teach hi, to wee standing up once he has successfully mastered potty training.

Don't... be tempted to make your little one sit on their potty seat for ages 'in case they need to go.' Encourage them to recognise their own cues and prompt them to try regularly for just a few minutes each time.

Don't... start potty training when you have just moved house, had a new baby, or your child has been ill or started at nursery. Wait a few weeks for everything to settle before introducing another big change.

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