Potty training games to play with your toddler

Potty training games to play with your toddler

by Oliver Birk |

To switch successfully from nappies to pants, your child needs to learn a heap of skills.

You can help your child learn 90 per cent of the skills he needs to stay dry while he’s still got his nappy on, through fun games.

If you build positive associations with the potty before you even start, by having lots of fun and giving him loads of your attention, your toddler will start the potty-training process wanting to take his nappy off.

Play these games with your little one before starting potty training.

Best potty training games:

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1) What's wee?

Make a drink for you both – it helps if it’s cold. Explain that when he drinks, the liquid goes down a tube into his stomach. If the drink is cold, he’ll be able to feel this.

Then explain that any liquid his body doesn’t need comes out of his willy, and this journey through his body can take a little while.

Finish your drinks and challenge him to a race. Whose drink will come out first? Keep asking, ‘Is your drink ready to come out?’

At this stage, it doesn’t matter if he just wants to win the game, and says it has after two minutes – you’re helping him be aware of his body and how it feels when a wee is coming.

When he does wee (you’ll soon recognise the blank expression on his face when it happens), help him to identify the feeling by saying, ‘Is that your drink coming out? Are you having a wee?’

Once you’ve played this game a few times, he’ll soon start to identify the feeling for himself and tell you. Keep playing, and he’ll start to identify the feeling of needing a wee too.

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