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7 of the best bath toy storage solutions

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Bath time is always a joyful experience, watching your little one play with their toys and belly laugh at all the bubbles. But what happens to all those toys once the tub is empty and your tot is tucked away in bed? 

We're all guilty of just wanting to leave them all in the tub ready for their next bath, (and we've probably all done it too), because finding somewhere to put them can sometimes be tricky when you don't have the space.

If you're wondering whether you can get away with enjoying a bath yourself with those pesky rubber ducks floating about, then our pick of bath toy storage is the one for you to browse. From scoops to nets and caddies, and even a frog, we've found plenty of storage solutions to keep your bathroom tidy (until the next time). 

Embrace a clutter-free bathroom with this stylish and versitile toy organiser. It allows you to scoop up bath toys quickly and easily, and even lets water drain from the holes in the base, which allows for toys to dry faster. You can even wash the storage container in the dishwasher. 

Picking up toys after a long bath and bedtime can be one of the reasons you don't want to tidy away the bath toys, but this super scoop makes it quick and easy to tidy all those bath toys away. The best part is, you can turn it into a fun game for your tot to do, and simply stick it to the wall after they've scooped their toys away. 

With a zipper at the bottom of the heavy duty net, it's easy to empty your little one's toys into the bath. The net also allows for a safe, air dry rather than being stuck in a box. It has a bucket that not only sticks to any flat surface, but can be detached from the wall to scoop up any toys.

This mildrew-resistant bath toy storage solution has adjustable suction cups, for a firm grip that avoids grout lines. The netted front also allows toys to dry quickly, and the corner design makes it a larger and more practical storage solution. 

With four heavy duty lock suction cups, this storage net is perfect to popping on the wall next to your bath. You don't have to worry about tidying away the wet toys either, as they'll dry off over the bath.

This organiser has extra grip handles to keep the caddy secure to the bathtub ledge, with extendable sides to ensure it first across any bath. The drain holes allow for quick drying, helping to prevent mildrew in bath toys. You can even adjust the dividers for bigger toys.

Frog Bath Pod

£21.18 - RRP: £21.99

This lovely little bath toy holder is such a pleasent addition to bathtime. It has adhesive strips for a perfect stick to the bathtub walls for a whole lot less chaos. It even comes with an extra large scoop to help you store all those bath toys. 

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