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The best buggy boards for toddlers on the go

best buggy boards

If you're thinking about having another baby, now's the time to think about how you're going to get around. Is your toddler walking but not enough for long strolls? Don't want to commit to buying a double buggy or worry about lugging it onto the bus?

Buggy boards are the perfect solution. Ride-on boards, or buggy boards, clip on to the back of a buggy for your little one to stand on. They're ideal for toddlers who are old enough to walk but need some help when they get tired. 

What are the different ride-on boards available? 

When trying to choose a ride-on seat for your little one, the choices can seem a little overwhelming. We've summed up the differences here: 

  • Stand-on platform: These attach to the back of the pram, allowing a child to stand up and ride along as you push them. 
  • 2-in-1 boards: These clever boards can convert into a scooter for tots who are looking for a bit more independence. They can also be great for the school run, as they mean you won't have to juggle carrying a scooter and pushing your baby on the way home. 
  • Adaptive buggy boards: These are great all-in-one products - they can be used as a stand-on platform and a small seat unit. These can change a single buggy into a double at a very low cost and are a great option if your tot is too old to warrant buying a double pushchair. 

What age are they designed for? 

Most ride-on boards on the market are designed for little ones between six months to two years old

Which are the best buggy boards on the market? 

Check out some of the best and most innovative buggy boards on the market right now...

The best buggy board overall

Shortlisted for the Mother&Baby Awards 2021, in the Best Travel Product Over £30 category, this buggyboard has rave reviews from lots of parents!

One of the most popular choices for parents, Lascal's Buggy Board is a great choice for children aged two to six. It's easily attached to many different pushchairs and is easily manoeuvred around corners or over bumps. You're bound to find this useful on those long family walks. The brand claims this fits 99 per cent of pushchairs. 

Tested by mum Natalie for the Mother&Baby Awards 2021, she said:  "As a mum of three children (four and under) The Lascal Maxi is a life saver! For children who want the independence of walking, but still like having the option to jump on the buggy board as and when needed, makes life a lot simpler and safer especially when near busy roads and car parks! My two year old now refuses to go in a pushchair, so now i have two children walking out and about, i know that this will come in handy for one of them when their legs tire and the tantrums are near!"

The best buggy board for fun designs

This universal buggy board connects to 99 per cent of pushchairs, prams and strollers, and gives your little one an easy way to walk around with you. It's available in a range of colours and designs, although we love this new superhero version.

Tested by Contributing Editor and mum, Sophie Knight: "It's easy to use and connect to my pram, and my toddler loves riding on it - the superhero designs make it all the more fun." 

The best eco-friendly buggy board

Small, cute and easily foldable, this buggy board is all natural and made from eco-friendly material. It easily snaps on and off the UPPAbaby Vista 2015 pushchair and later models, and holds up to 22kg. With a non-skid surface, it's safe and secure for your child when they need a little break from walking. We like this as you can fold your pushchair with it still attached.

Verified review: "Wavered over buying a cheaper 3rd party one and went for this because it gives proper clearance from the large basket on the Vista. Item is very sturdy and easy to install and folds away nicely."

The best versatile buggy board

Ideal for kids aged two to six, this buggyboard by Lascal features a fun London skyline. They'll ride along with Big Ben and the London Eye, feeling safe and secure in the process thanks to the anti-slip surface and additional side protection. It fits all types of strollers and features durable wheels to ensure a comfy ride, no matter how bumpy the road!

Review: "Had to fit the fitting straps a little higher than illustrated on the lascal website but works well. I was concerned that my child would have the rain cover in his face the whole time, but the stand elevates him enough so he can see over it. Also concerned I would be constantly kicking the buggy board but this isn't the case The kids love it and I would recommend."

The best buggy board for younger toddlers

The mini version of the classic Lascal buggy board, this one is perfect for smaller prams and younger children. It has a maximum load of 20kg, is easy to hook on and off of your pushchair and has a non-slip base for your little one's safety. 

Parent review: "Really a great product. Installation and application was flawless. My daughter is safe at about 2 1/2 years old and feels comfortable. Despite being the mini version, there is enough space and the board is not as bulky as the maxi when folded. Recommend!"

The best buggy board for ease of use

Simple to use, this board flips up and out of the way when not in use (so, halfway round your walk when your toddler runs off, then). You should still be able to fold your pushchair up when the board is connected, but do test this out to make sure it works with your version of pushchair. 

An Amazon mum review: “Just what my kid needed, and I am now able to fit three kids on a pram! Installation was a snap and you could tell it was designed for the pram. It extends easily and folds away to become part of the pram.”

The best buggy board for a smooth ride

This ride-on-board attachment can fit on to any pushchair. It's super easy to attach and install, and the height and width can be adjusted efficiently when you're out and about. It also has an anti-slip surface to ensure maximum safety. It's suitable from the age of two, up to 20kg. The universal connectors are adjustable in width, height and length.

An Amazon mum review: “This is great - it’s so easy to put onto my Uppa Baby and it’s also very easy to remove. Manoeuvres very smoothly. Have recommended to a friend.”

The best compact buggy board

This handy buggy board is big enough for a toddler to stand on but compact enough to not get in the way when you're pushing your stroller. No kicking the back of the board with this one; it's sturdy, strong and, most importantly, keeps your toddler safe on those long walks. It is designed for the Oyster 3 stroller only. 

An Amazon mum review: “So glad I bought this. My 2-year-old isn’t really bothered about sitting in a pushchair anymore and having a ride on is much better and easier than a double pushchair! So simple to attach and you can fold the pushchair away with it attached. Also, when not in use, you can just clip it up. Only negative is going up / down pavements you have to manually manoeuvre as wheel mechanism not linked to pushchair, but this is really minor. I also call it a skateboard to my son, and he loves riding on it. Definitely recommend!”

The best buggy board saddle

This saddle is an extra accessory that works with the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi (above) only. The little seat will prove a lifesaver on long walks when your toddler can't take a step further. When they're too tired to stand and ride along with you on the board, add the seat for extra comfort. It might not be a necessity, but it'll make all the difference to afternoon strolls.

An Amazon mum review: “Great addition to the board. I have a new born and a 2.5-year-old, who’s legs get tired from standing (we walk most of the time). So, saddle ideal for when she gets a bit tired. Good value for money and well made.”


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