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Plastic-free party decorations - saving the planet one pom pom at a time

plastic-free birthday decorations

When looking at the best first birthday party decorations, we realised how much was made of plastic. Balloons might be beautiful and perfect for parties, but they’re not the best choice when you are thinking about cutting our use of plastic and being more eco-friendly with our choices.

So, we searched the internet for the best plastic-free birthday party decorations. You can reuse them as often as you want; just be careful when handling them, folding and putting them away neatly – try to avoid any damage and they will last for years. You can even customise them for different occasions.

You can still find some balloons made with bio-degradable materials if really miss them. But to start with, here are our favourite plastic-free party decorations:

Paper pom poms are cheerful and easy to use, and this pack of 15 is well-priced at less than £10. The colours are cute and would fit with all sorts of party themes.


This set features 16 lanterns in four different sizes, in eight colours. They’ll really brighten up your party room.

This set is made with eco-friendly paper and can be used many times. Rainbow colours make for a great party theme and don’t restrict you to just one colour.

A fancy option to bring even more glamour and luxury to your princess party. Get this elegant dusty rose party decoration kit which includes rose gold and gold glitter paper lanterns and pom-poms. This set can be used even after the party to decorate your baby’s room. It also includes confetti.

A set for 16 guests and includes 114 pieces. Unicorns are still a popular theme for birthday decorations, so we had to include them on this list. All items are 100% bio-degradable and non-toxic.

Could your party get more colourful?! This set comes with 20 items, including six fans, four flowers, six honeycombs, and more. The most important part is that they’re all made from paper.

Brighten up your baby’s party with this colourful carnival cotton bunting. This is perfect for so many different types of parties, or if you just want to cheer up a room in your house. You can choose five, 10, or 25 meters long, all 100% cotton.

How adorable are these! There are loads of animals to choose from, including elephant, penguin, monkey, panda, tiger, dog and more. This set includes 10 paper balloons and is made with environmentally friendly waxed rice paper.

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