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The best toddler cups to make drinking easier

Toddler drinking from a cup

Trying to encourage your tot to drink more isn't always easy, and usually 80% of the what is in the cup ends up on the floor.

The transition from a bottle to a cup can also be tricky. Tots often associate their bottles with the drinks that they love, and it also helps them to feel independent, as when we give them a cup, we often find ourselves making a fuss and trying to prevent spillages.

But it's time to make a little change that your toddler will love, and make drinking more exciting with our pick of toddler-proof cups.

This cup was nominated for the Best Weaning Product in our Mother&Baby Awards 2021 and it can even be personalised. This fully insulated cup helps to keep drinks hot or cold and is a leak-proof design. Your tot can drink for any angle of this cup, as the lid helps to prevent spillage while offering 360 degree drinking. 

Tested by mum Vicki for the Mother&Baby Awards 2021: "We have sent this cup to nursery with our 2.5yr old for him to use there and they bring it home every day. The fact that you can customise it with their name and it’s locked inside a layer of plastic is fab as there’s no name sticker peeling off and him not coming home with it. He also loved getting involved and sticking the stickers on where he wanted."

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The ultimate cup to teach little ones to drink. This slanted cup has been designed to make the transition from a teat to a cup a lot easier, and tots can also see the liquid they are drinking which helps avoid spillage. 

Designed to minimise spills, this cup is cleverly designed to mimic the flow of an open cup. The clear lids let tots see the liquid, helping them to learn when to take a sip and how far to tilt the cup.

Made from bamboo fibre, these sustainable cups are easy for tots to handle and helps promote self-feeding. They also come in a set of four and have no sharp edges and are even crack resistent. So they will truly withstand those toddler tantrums. 

If your little one isn't a fan of water but you don't want to give in to giving them juice, this infuser cup will be a game-changer. It's spill-proof, and you can even get your tot involved in picking what flavoured drink they would like.

Designed for growing hands, this cup is made from silicone, so it's gentle on gums and easy to grip. It even has a weighted base for stability, giving your tot the confidence to place down their drink and pick up without knocking over.

Great for teaching little ones to drink from a cup without a lid, and ideal for transitioning straight from breast or bottle to cup, missing out the sippy cup stage. They are small, so some children might be frustrated by only getting a small amount of liquid. 

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