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The best car party decorations for a revved-up birthday

Best Cars Birthday Party Decorations

Another year has passed, and you need to think about your little one's next birthday party. If he or she is a car lover, there are so many options for car-themed birthday party decorations.

Will you go for a race car party? Or just general brum-brums and toot-toots? There are so many options when it comes to car-themed decorations, but we’ve narrowed down your choices and made a list of our favourite car-themed party decs.  

To create a perfect racing party, you need this set which comes with 30 pieces of latex balloons in three different colours: red, black and white. It also includes nine racing party paper signs and one welcome race backdrop.

With this set, you will get 15 cars and vehicles to dangle down from your ceiling or around the room. There are five different types of vehicles and a happy birthday banner.

How much fun will your little ones have with these temporary tattoos? One for older children (and the parents!); with this set, you get more than 80 tattoos.

For less than £15 you will get a full dinnerware set with knives, spoons, forks, plates, cups, and napkins to serve 24 people, made from plastic and paper. Get the race going with this black and white checkered pattern design.

A playmat will be perfect for keeping the children happy and busy. With this beautiful and creative mat, your little one and their friends will be able to play for hours with their cars. It's also easy to clean.

If you are getting the playmat above, make sure you also get some cars - and get enough to keep everyone happy. Suitable for three years and up.

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