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GPS trackers for kids to offer you peace of mind

GPS tracker

However attentive you may be, many of us have experienced that horrible moment when you lose sight of your child for a split second and your heart jumps out of your chest. 

All any parent wants to do is keep their little one safe and one way of doing this is by investing in a GPS tracking device especially for children. This offers extra peace of mind when with your child in a busy place such as a shopping centre or festival, should you lose each other. 

A personal GPS tracker offers real-time tracking, meaning that you can pinpoint the exact position of your child at that very minute, using a map on your smartphone or tablet so you can quickly get to them. 

To make picking the right GPS tracker for your child easier, we've rounded up the top kids GPS location tracking devices you can buy right now.

This GPS tracker allows you to track your child's location from your phone. Working in real-time with up to one position every 10 seconds, it has a long battery life of 7 days for everyday use. There is no limit on the distance between the tracker and your phone for the service to work. In the event of a problem, your child can alert you by pressing the SOS panic button on their tracker. Sim card included.

Subscription required: Yes. Starting at £3.50 per month. 

This stylish smart tracker is one the whole family can use, including your pets! The lightweight Curve weighs just 30g, making it as light as a house key and it has a keyring so can attach to anything you'd like. It uses multiple tracking tech unlike many other trackers that just use Bluetooth and you can create your own zones for personalised alerts, with the Curve letting you know when it enters and leaves them.

Subscription required: Yes.



Offering all-day monitoring and Advanced Safeguard GPS for accurate location tracking, the Assistive Speakerphone allows you to talk to your child or listen in to make sure they’re ok, with an SOS call button for them to press when they urgently need you. 

Included with your purchase is a soft, sensory-friendly sleeve and non-removable pins that allow you to attach the device anywhere that is comfortable. AngelSense also lets you see a detailed location history of your youngster's whereabouts for each day. 

Subscription required: Yes, £25/month with a 1 year contract.

It may be cheap but this Track Tag offers numerous features including real-time location tracking, SOS emergency help, and Geo-fence. Although popular for frequently lost items such as keys, Track Tag can also be used on your child with a range up to 25m. The smooth surface makes this design a practical everyday accessory, available in five different colours.

Subscription required: No

These brightly coloured watches are bound to be a hit with your child while allowing you to be able to track their location anywhere in the world via the App. The one-key SOS button can be pressed by your child if they face a dangerous situation, immediately calling you. The watch has a sensitive microphone so you pick up sounds from the surroundings too and you can even also set up to 10 phone numbers allowed to call the watch.

Subscription required: Yes, if not using WiFi.

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