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Have a roar-some time with the best jungle party decorations

Best safari and jungle birthday party decorations sets

If you can’t take your little one to a safari, bring the safari home to them! Throwing a safari-themed birthday party is an excellent way to bring more awareness about animals in a fun way. We’ve selected the best safari-themed decorations you can find online to make sure your birthday party is roar-some.

Hang these animal garlands from the ceiling or anywhere else around the room to transform the party. They come in five different animals: monkey, lion, elephant, giraffe, and zebra.  


Get these jungle animal foil balloons that the children will love to hold all party long. They include giraffes, tigers, elephants, monkeys, lions, and zebras. This set also includes six foam animal masks. 

The children will love having their photos taken behind this jungle cut-out (and the parents will too!). It’s super cute and easy to assemble.

This pack includes place settings for 16 guests, with cups, plates, napkins, and a tablecloth. You can also get decorative flags in the same design.

Personalise this vinyl jungle banner for an extra special touch to the party.

Get all you need in one set containing a birthday banner, five foil animal balloons, 15 paper tassels, 12 green latex balloons, and four gold confetti balloons. Be aware the seller recommends inflating the foils balloons with air and not helium.

This is lightweight, easy to store and to carry around, and it’s also super durable.

An easy way to decorate a birthday party is to make sure that the cupcakes are dressed-up. With this set, you can quickly get any room into the safari jungle mood. They are made with wafer rice paper.


Get some inflatable animals to add even more drama to the party. You can get the giraffe for only £2.60 but also other animals such as elephant for £3.38, monkey for £3.39, green frog for £2.00zebra for £8.38, giraffe for £8.50, lion for £10.21, and much more. 


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