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The best baby swim and beach towels you need for this summer

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Babies love splashing around in water, and with almost nine months spent in a fluid-filled environment, we're hardly surprised by their fascination with swimming.

Whether you're jetting off to a hot country over the summer hols or taking a dip in the paddling pool, one thing's for sure - you'll need the right accessories. Once you've got the right swimsuit and swimming aids for your baby, the only thing that's missing is the perfect towel. 

Baby swim and beach towels should be soft, quick-dry and machine-washable for your benefit. Colourful ones are also preferable, and towels that are animal-themed get bonus points from us. 

We've listed our top favourite swim and beach towels for babies that are fluffy, cute and efficient.

When can babies go swimming? 

The NHS website says that a baby can go swimming at age, before or after their vaccinations. Of course, if your baby is feeling feverish or unwell after getting any of their vaccines, make sure to wait a few days before taking them swimming. 

Having said that, while your newborn might be ready to start splashing around at any point, you should wait at least a few months until any post-birth vaginal bleeding has stopped before going for a swim.

What do I need to take my baby swimming?

While this is in no way an exhaustive list, here are a few essentials for going swimming with an infant. 

Swim nappies
A swimsuit or wetsuit.
A soft towel or poncho.
A snack if your little one is weaning.
A bottle of milk.
A changing mat and changing bag. 

A multi award-winning accessory, this baby towel is expertly designed for you to safely lift your baby from the water while also holding a towel - sounds pretty genius if you ask us. Celeb mums including Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon have raved about this towel, as have maternity nurses and midwives. The material is silky soft even after washes, and can be used from newborn to 18 months.

Review: "Over the last few years I have purchased 3 of these towels on separate occasions as gifts for expectant friends. Each friend has called after their baby was been born to say an appreciative thank you. All commented on how absorbent as well as lovely and soft it is and said that all who had used it while bathing the baby were impressed and pleased with how the towel doubles as an apron keeping them dry in the process. A very worthwhile product and a great gift if you are looking to buy for an expectant friend!"

Best baby swim towels 2021

Does your baby have a fascination with dinosaurs? If so, this dino-themed hooded poncho is precisely what you're looking for. Non-fading and quick-drying, you won't have to worry about the colour disappearing after a few washes, and you can be confident that your baby will be warm and cosy when relaxing on the beach. The soft cotton will feel gentle against your baby's skin and is super absorbent.

Review: "I love this towel. I bought it for my son who likes dinosaurs. It is soft and a really good size. The design is so cute. Very pleased with the purchase."

Made of 100% premium cotton, this elephant themed baby towel is thick but feels light on your baby's body and efficiently absorbs water. Your tot will love snuggling up in the soft cotton material which remains fluffy even after multiple washes. 

Review: "My daughter absolutely loves bath time and now she loves getting out the bath too with this product. It's hard wearing and soft and my daughter loves being wrapped up in it and smiling at herself in the mirror in it. Would recommend!"

We can't quite find the words to describe how much we adore this mouse-inspired towel. Made from soft cotton with the cutest mouse ears, eyes and whiskers, your bundle of joy will look more adorable than ever wrapped up in this.

Review: "Such a cute towel! I love the colour and little mouse ears. I bought that this as a gift and it was really well recieved. They said the towel is nice and long and the material is thick and very soft. I wouldnt hesitate to buy another one."

Does it get any more summery than an ice-cream printed poncho? Throw this over your little one after swimming lessons or a dip in the ocean for instant cosiness and quick drying. The material is very absorbent for your baby's comfort and the hood will keep their little head warm, too.

Review: "Looking forward to going to the beach with my granddaughter she loves the ice cream pattern. It will work for swimming lessons too"

We told you we loved the animal theme! This is another elephant-inspired option with sweet elephant ears on the top in a beautiful grey. This option can be personalised with your little love's name in delicate embroidery, so you can treasure it forever. It's composed of soft cotton, hugging your baby's skin delicately. 

Review: "I loved this towel. It's super absorbent and comfy for my 6 month old son."

If your baby is obssessed with Peppa Pig, then this fun turqoise beach towel is sure to be a hit. It's composed of 100 per cent soft cotton with printed velour, and comes with a hood to keep away the chills.

Review: "Lovely and soft, good absorbency. I like the length too for my tall almost 3 year old. He's 1m and it is down to his ankles. It should last well for his swimming lessons."

This handy set includes three beautifully embroidered towels that you can wrap your baby up in. The soft material prevents any irritations and the superfine fibres are three times more absorbent than cotton, meaning your bubba will be warm and dry before you know it.

Review: "Don’t think twice about buying these, no need to read reviews, just get them. Amazing prices and they are so cute and soft. Got them for my 2 month old little sister and they are perfect. ❤️"

This little crab towel is absolutely irrestible. Your little one will love the funky crab eyes and 3D claws, and the soft cotton and hood will help them feel warm and snuggly.

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