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The best winter coats for babies and toddlers

Toddler winter coats are a must-have when the weather is grey, cold, wet... along with considering a winter coat for seemingly crappy weather, we also ask ourselves as parents, can my toddler wear their winter coat in the car? Which kind of winter coat is the warmest? When is even the best time to buy a winter coat? 

Some of us may also consider buying a winter coat for our baby, mainly the one-piece kind as most probably your newborn or baby is tucked up in their pushchair or pram during winter.

Can my toddler wear a winter coat in the car? 

Car seat safety is a concern for us all and we want to make sure we're doing the right thing. When it comes to babies and toddlers wearing winter coats in the car the general jist is to remove the coat before putting your little one in their seat. 

The NHS says: "Make sure your baby is securely strapped in according to the manufacturer's instructions." A coat can be bulky and cause your little one to potentially not be secured in tightly enough, so although a lot of faff, just pop your little one's coat off before you pop them in the car. 

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Which kind of winter coat is the warmest? 

We know in winter fabrics like merino wool and a light fleece fabric can keep our little ones warm, these fabrics are also breathable and soft. Typically most coats on the market will keep your child warm and depending on how cold it is a couple of layers underneath the coat should also do the trick. 

In addition to a coat-jumper-vest-combo, you can also purchase a foot muff for baby and hand muffs for yourself to add to your pushchair or pram. We personally love a hand muff on our stroller, this has saved our hands from flaking and cracking during our winter walks with our babies. Winter coats and foot muffs are also a great way to protect your child' skin in winter

Here is our choice of the best winter coats for your toddler and babies...

This Denim Blue Borg lined jacket from Next is super stylish and has a fleece lining, suitable for colder weather.

This Mini Boden Baby Cosy 3-in-1 Coat, Forest Green is simply adorable, with it's fox applique. This padded jacket has a removable furry hood lining, with elasticated cuffs and a zip and button fastening to keep your little one extra warm. 

With the Reversible Waterproof Fleece Lined Jacket, little ones can get out and about whatever the elements may bring. With one fleecy side and one waterproof side, not only will you get two looks for the price of one, but you'll also get a coat that's designed to keep out wind, rain and everything in between.

Our Navy Spot Puffer Jacket is a brilliant extra layer to pop on over a cosy jumper on the chilliest of days. Cosy wadding and air trapping technology helps keep warmth in without the added weight, making our puffer jacket an essential piece for days out exploring.

Bring on the heavy rain, this jacket will have your little one uber protected. It's 100% waterproof and can handle any weather and play you throw at it! We love the design and while durable, it's also lightweight, breathable and flexible. 

With air trapping technology, this puffer coat is a must to keep the winter frost out! It helps keep the warmth in without the added weight, so little ones can be free to explore comfortably. 

The traditional fisherman's jacket gets an update with this fantastic rainbow print. It is even cosier thanks to the fleece lining. Designed to keep out wind and rain when out and about, it's a must-have whatever the weather if your little one loves bright colours. 

Bring a little floral fun to dreary days with the Ditsy Print Reversible Waterproof Fleece Lined Rain Jacket. Cosy wadding will keep your child snug, while the waterproof outer will help keep them dry. You'll get two looks for the price of one, thanks to the reversible design.

This pretty puffer coat has natural feather and down filling so it's extra snug in the colder weather. It's designed to keep the heat in and keep off the rain. 


Dinosaur fans will love this shower resistant coat with detachable mittens! With a fleece lined hood and body, it will keep little ones safe from the cold in winter. The quilted design is also shower resistant.

We love this Parka from Next as it's faux fur lined with warm wadding. It's super cosy for those winter days, plus we love the colour design of it!

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