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The cutest matching outfits for your dog and baby

baby and dog matching outfit

When it comes to babywear, we've come across every trend imaginable. From matching mum and baby PJs to matching t-shirts for the whole family, mumfluencers have really pushed the boat out with the cutest, twinning outfit trends. 

The latest trend making waves on Instagram includes your dog, and if we're being honest, it's the cutest one yet. If you haven't guessed yet, mums of Instagram have taken to the app to show off their babies and toddlers matching outfits with their canine best friends - and yes, it's just as adorable as it sounds.


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It all started off with Reagan, the Australian labradoodle known by the handle @reagandoodle, who became famous on Instagram thanks to the sweet pictures of him twinning with his little brother. Since then, Reagan's family has grown, meaning even more little ones to match with!



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It's safe to say our hearts melted when we came across Reagan's page, so we decided to find the best dog and baby matching outfits the internet has to offer. Try it out for yourselves - we can guarantee the gram will love it!

Best baby and dog matching outfits

Get your newborn baby boy and pooch this mindbogglingly cute matching onesie and bandana set. The onesie is white, with sweet colourful paw prints while the bandana is blue, with the words 'big brother' printed across. There's a big sister version too, if you have a baby girl.

Review: "I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Our first purchase for our newborn and it is fab, such great quality, easy communication and quick delivery time. Thank you."


We've done some research and found the perfect match in these two navy striped t-shirts. The navy blue Jojo Maman Bebe t-shirt is available from six months to four years, so your baby and doggo can match for years to come. The matching dog version is from Joules, comes in four sizes, and we can already see the picture-perfect photos. 

Pick up the matching dog t-shirt here.

With this sweet matching outfit, you'll be setting up your baby and doggo for a life-long bond. This adorable bandana can be tailored to your preferred colour, and the onesie comes in a range of sizes no matter how big or small your baby is. It's made of 100 per cent soft cotton and is machine-washable on a cold setting.

Review: "We were very happy with this purchase! Our baby announcement photo turned out perfect, thank you!!"

Holiday mode is on! How sweet will your baby and doggy look in these matching Hawaiian shirts? The baby shirt is made of high-quality lightweight cotton, perfect for a hot summer's day or fancy dress. We found its perfect match in this adorable pet Hawaiian shirt, available in three sizes with easy closure for no hassle fastening.

Pick up the matching dog shirt here.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any cuter, we found these adorable sets of blue robes your baby and pooch can match in. The baby version is by the White Company, and made of pure natural cotton that'll feel soft against your baby's skin. Match that with this sweet blue fluffy bathrobe for dogs by Pets at Home made from plush micro-fibre. Perfect for a cute twinning moment after bathtime and just before bed.

Pick up the matching dog robe here. 

Got a birthday, summer party or any other special event coming up? Get your girls dressed for the occasion in matching gingham outfits. The baby romper is made of soft cotton and jersey and stretches for her comfort. The pet version is handmade, and can be ordered in five different sizes. 

Pick up the matching dog dress here.

Okay, we've got another onesie and bandana set, but can you blame us? This one has the words 'every dog needs a baby' written across it (because, they do) and comes in a variety of sizes for your dog and bubba. The plaid bandana is a nice change from the classic block colour, and all items in the set are made from 100 per cent cotton. 

Review: "Wonderful quality. Amazing communication. Personalized exactly as requested. Delivered exactly when I needed it as promised. Perfect gift for a new baby!! Highly recommend!!"


Planning a back to school photoshoot? Get your furry friend involved with these matching red polo shirts. Both versions are made of cotton and come in a range of sizes to fit your baby and dog no matter how big or small.

Pick up the matching dog polo here. 

Top tips for dressing up your pet

We can all agree that dressing our pets up is fun, but it's important to remember that they aren't dolls to be played with. Respect your pet and if it's uncomfortable in any way, it's best not to bother.

Always watch for signs of distress and take the clothes off if your dog is unhappy - even before you get that perfect shot. Here are a few of our top tips for dressing up your pet:

  • Make sure they can move easily and that they aren't at risk of injuring themselves around the house.
  • Ensure their ears, mouth, eyes and nose aren't blocked.
  • Don't leave the clothes on for long periods of time and don't leave them unattended while wearing them.
  • Never let your pet wear clothes outside, as they could become trapped or stuck on something and end up hurting themselves.
  • Make sure to get the correct size so your pet will be comfortable.

How to introduce your pet to an outfit

To make the experience of wearing clothes more exciting, we recommend regularly rewarding them with treats and their favourite snacks to make the process more exciting. Leave the clothes on the floor for them to explore, and start by popping the outfit on their back to see how they react. 

Ensure you repeatedly provide them with positive reinforcement by way of treats and toys, but don't force it if they seem stressed.

Claire North, Lead Trainer at North K9 says, "Give them (your dog) space. It’s important for them to feel like they have a choice and that they can escape if they’re uncomfortable as opposed to feeling cornered or threatened... Try making the experience a positive one, only let them wear outfits for a few minutes at a time and give them their favourite treats to create a positive association."

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