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The best roller skates for toddlers

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As your little one graduates from infancy to toddlerhood, their motor skills and coordination gradually improve, meaning they're able to engage in many more activities. From riding on ride-along toys to cruising on mini scooters, the world is truly their oyster. 

Another fun and exciting activity your tot can pick up as a toddler is roller skating. Now, we know how worrisome the idea of them whizzing around on a pair of skates might be, but with the right teacher, roller skates and protective equipment, your little one will be a pro in no time. Plus, a hobby like roller skating will get them off the iPad, into the outdoors and will also improve their balance and strength. 

To make life easy, we've made a list of the best roller skates for toddlers in terms of price, quality and safety. Start shopping our top picks below. 


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Can a 2-year old roller skate?

At two, your toddler may have the necessary skills to try on their first pair of skates. As with most sports, the younger they start, the faster they will improve. However, it's important to note that not every child is the same. If your little one is unsteady on their feet or lacks the necessary judgement skills, then we would suggest holding out for a little while longer. The things you should look out for before introducing your child to skating are:

    • Their overall balance and coordination when walking or playing

    • Their physical strength/stamina 

    • Their attention span 

Tips for toddler roller skating

Dress for the occasion: Rolling around on a pair of skates will inevitably lead to a few falls here and there, which is why getting the right safety gear is important. This includes a helmet, wrist guards, as well as knee and elbow pads. 

Sign them up for classes: Unless you're an avid roller skater yourself, we recommend leaving it to the professionals to teach your child the basics. There are lots of local skate rinks that will hold classes for all ages.

Be encouraging: Positive reinforcement is key to your child's improvement, so make sure to cheer them on and encourage them to get back up no matter how many times they fall. 

Keep a watchful eye: No matter how good your little one might be getting, it's always important to watch them at all times, particularly when skating outdoors. 

Start indoors: Carpets and linoleum are a great place for your child to start skating and can help them find their feet. Be wary of wooden or laminate floors, though, as these can get scratched easily. 

Are inline skates or quad skates better for beginners?

In general, quad skates - skates with four wheels - are most recommended for beginner skaters due to increased balance and stability. However, as your little one grows in confidence and skills, they can move on to tri line or inline skates. 

Best toddler roller skates

Editor's pick

This sweet pair of pink skates is perfect for your little skater to start rolling about in. They're high-quality, stable, and provide optimal ankle support to prevent injuries. They also have a Velcro fastening for your little one do up all on their own.

Review: "Fantastic skates. Bought for my 4yr olds birthday. They are really sturdy, excellent quality. They are not filmsy at all. My daughter feels really safe in them. They have ties, a velcro fastening and a clip (like u get on ice skates) which she needs just minimal help to do up. After a bit of practice I reckon she will manage this alone. They are adjustable between sizes 26-29. Really easy to do with a turn lock at the back of the boot. Totally worth the money. Will recommend these to everyone and will definitely buy again when needed in the bigger size."

Best trainer roller skates for toddlers

Unlike traditional roller skates, these skates attach to your child's shoes so they can safely have a go at roller skating. They include a brake stopper for optimal control and safety, and contain an adjustable foot base to fit comfortably as your child's feet grow. 

Review: "Bought these for our son's birthday, they seem very well made, like they will actually withstand the rough and tough play that they are unfortunately bound to endure at the hands and feet of our children! These fit both our 4 and 2 year old children. We aren't entirely committed to letting our younger son loose with them just yet, so we help him to glide around the living room when he's wearing them, he loves it!"

Best inline/triline roller skates for toddlers

If your little one is getting good, then it might be time for a pair of tri line skates. These ones can be adjusted to four different sizes, making them perfect for toddler's growing feet. They offer extra padding, ankle support, and have trendy LED lights to help them stand out. This pair also comes with a helmet, pads and other accessories. 

Review: "I was pleasantly surprised by these skates and my 6 yr old granddaughter thought they were awesomely cool. Didn't realise I was getting the skates with light up wheels and a helmet and protection pads and practice cones AND a nifty carry bag. Were a bit more expensive than I was going for, but they were well worth the price. Adjustable sizing is a must for young children who grow so fast and the back "training" wheels are great for beginners who want to keep up with the older kids. Good purchase."


Available in two sizes and three colours, your little one will have the time of their life whizzing around in these. The size is adjustable, and they come with a wide wheel base for stability and are super sturdy. The rear brake will help with any tumbles, and the vibrant design is the cherry on top!

Review: "Bought for my daughters 4th birthday. We decided on this style for different reasons. They are adjustable, given her age her feet seem to grow a size a month, this we hope will give us a little more time in the skates given the cost. The wheels are also another selling point, making them a little more sturdy for little people, they also look pretty cool!. My daughter was very pleased to receive them and enjoyed using them."

Best light-up roller skates for toddlers

Light-up wheels, adjustable size and a safe and sturdy frame - what more could you want in a pair of toddler roller skates? Your little one will enjoy skating around with their illuminating disco wheels, which also act as a high-vis safety feature.  

Review: "Beautiful design, my daughters (aged 3 &5) absolutely love these skates. We use them for indoor skating at a roller disco once a week, the wheels are soft enough for beginner skaters and look amazing the way they light up. The boot itself is a lot more comfortable than the plastic boots you can get. My youngest has just moved on from baby skates and managed to skate well in these straight away, my oldest is a good skater already and they go fast enough for her also. I love the skates, they are of good quality, comfortable adjustable and look beautiful. Highly recommended."


Designed for beginners, this pair of quad skates is built to prevent injury on the occasional tumble and ensure a smooth and steady ride. The illuminating wheels light up with every movement, and the thick PU material provides high elasticity and wear resistance.

Review: "My son looooooves these. Such amazing quality, fabulous price and looks cool and fun! My son will not take them off. Best thing is they can be adjusted to his foot size as he grows! Saves me from having to buy another pair every 3 months."

Roller skating protective gear

Available in pink, blue, green, purple and black, this shock-absorbing and breathable helmet is a roller skating must-have. 

This set of wrist guards, elbow and knee pads provide the ultimate protection for your tot, no matter how confident they get!

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