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Teddy bear storage that you and your kids will love

Soft toy storage

As parents, you're always on the lookout for the best toy storage ideas, right? We understand that even the smallest hack can be a blessing when there are little ones around. That's where teddy bear storage ideas that you and your kids will love come in...

Soft toy storage doesn't have to be plastic boxes that are shoved under the bed or in your downstairs cupboard.

How to store teddies and soft toys

Children of all ages benefit from stimulation and skill development when playing with toys. But when it comes to their playthings, it's essential to put them all somewhere; or else you'll be surrounded by walkie talkies, puzzles and dolls for the rest of time.

That said, there are some simple and easy ways that you can store stuffed animals, games and more. Here some top tips on how to store soft toys:

Toy box with teddy bears and toys

Give the playthings a home: It sounds straightforward enough, but if you and your family stick to the same storage, it'll be much easier to find their favourites. 

Encourage the kids to tidy: Turn putting stuffed animals on their toy hammock into a game. That way, the little ones can help you clean up. 

Invest in the best soft toy storage: Instead of pilling teddy bears and dolls in the nursery, buy them their own place to live. 

Thanks to shopping experts here at Mother&Baby, we've found all kinds of teddy bear storage ideas that will become a room feature - not an eyesore. 

Before we reveal all the best ones, you'll need to ensure you have all the best cuddly toys to fill them with.

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The best soft toy storage:

To help you pick the best stuffed animal storage, here's a rundown of why these options are our favourite:

Organising your child's favourite teddies doesn't have to cost you a pretty penny, and this space-saving solution proves it. We love that you can hook these under the slats of a top bunk bed. 

It's a jungle out there - and in your living room, of all places. This small, but portable storage buggy is great for homing your kid's favourite playthings. Which is ironically great for helping to make your space look, well, not so wild. 

Running with the animal theme here... There's no monkey buisness here, just a zoo. A soft toy storage solution zoo, to be exact.

In addition to holding your toddler's treasured storybooks, this bookcase is an ideal place to put their stuffed animals. Why? For a start, it's too cute not to own and there's a decent amount of storage space 

Is your child's going through a Peppa Pig stage? I guess we don't even need to ask. Kids will adore this fun and bright unit where they can put Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and the rest of their toys. You'll love the functional multi-storage (which means less stuff on the floor). 

Another bookcase? Well, this storage unit has more than enough space to hold all your toddler's toys, puzzles and dolls.

Last, but not least, we've found these incredible cloud shelves. Not only are they a brilliant design feature for the nursery, but they're also handy for keeping your little one's beloved bears on. Cute!

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