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The best board games for kids

The best board games for kids

Board games are great for long weekends, lazy afternoons and those days when you just can't think of anything else to craft out of an egg box.

It can be tricky, though, to find board games that the whole family can enjoy. If you have toddlers, they get bored easily and can't play with small parts. If you have older children, they need more stimulation and imaginative games to play. 

Board games can provide hours of entertainment, and create lots of family memories you'll all remember for years to come. 

So if it's raining outside and you don't want to watch yet another re-run of Hey Duggee or Frozen 2, choose a board game from the cupboard and enjoy some family time together. Here are our favourite board games for kids that everyone can enjoy. 

Best board games for kids

We know how much everyone loves The Gruffalo, so bring him to life in this fun dice board game, for ages three and up. Can you help the little mouse to get home safely?

Another outing for The Gruffalo, this time in a memory game. Aimed at ages three and up, it’s a great way to test your little one’s memory, and they’ll love matching up the images.

Sophie Knight, mum to Eli, 2.5, said: "If the memory game is a bit tricky, you can always play ‘snap’ with the cards instead." 

Give everyone a plate, then match the cards up and see who ends up with the most cupcakes. The illustrations are bright and cheerful, and this game encourages politeness – get your toddler to ask “Would you like my cupcake?” and encourage please and thank yous with this fun little card game. You’ll want to bake cupcakes afterwards, though.

Susan Douglas, nana to Eli, 2.5, said: "Eli loves playing this game when he comes to my house. It's great for teaching manners and he loves sharing out the cakes between plates. He does always steal the chocolate ones though!" 

It needs no introduction, does it. It’s good to see a wooden game, rather than even more plastic, too.  

UNO is a classic – this Extreme version has an extra level of difficulty thanks to the introduction of a random card shooter. Pressing a button has never been so nerve-racking! It’s aimed at ages seven and up, but get your little ones involved with the numbers and colours and you can all enjoy it together.


£16.99 - RRP: £21.99

It’s aimed at ages six and up, and because of the small parts, be careful if you have any younger ones. But it’s great for dexterity and fine motor skills, and you know you’ll have as much fun as the children.


£22.19 - RRP: £24.99

It says on the box that this is for children aged eight and above, but it’s Playdough, so little ones can still get involved and have fun – even if they’re not following the rules properly.

With more than 200 questions about the Disney universe, young children will love this game, and toddlers will enjoy all the characters and colours. Questions include  “The colour of Scar’s mane” to “The colour of the feather in Captain Hook’s hat” and “The colour of the buttons on Olaf the Snowman” – you answer by holding up your card of the correct colour.

Face It

£8.99 - RRP: £16.99

Choose a card and act out the facial expressions – little ones will love making funny faces with you.

This speedy observation game features illustrations from the beloved book your toddler will already know and love, The Gruffalo. In this modern version of 'pairs', whoever spots the single matching magical image between two cards wins the card in this game. But will they get the next one too? Although this game is said to be suitable from four years, we reckon it's a great way to encourage your little ones observation skills. 

Pete the Cat is famous in the book world and now there is a board game. The game is perfectly designed for little kids with no reading required. The gameplay is easy but also challenging and kids can use their counting skills and learn the valuable skill of winning and losing graciously (you hope!).

Everyone loves the classic game of Charades and now it's the kids' turn with this Charades For Kids The Board Game. It's been specially designed for children to play and enjoy. This is a great board game to have around for Christmas, family holidays and rainy afternoons. It's best played with at least 3 players and children aged 4 and above.

A giant floor activity, counting and memory game, with supersize cards for even more fun and play value! The game includes a variety of friendly characters to help children learn to count up to the 15 with the help of the handy reference board. Players can also use their memory skills to match the cards. One dog, ten frogs can be played as a single person pairing activity or a multi-player game and by age three children are better prepared for playing with others.

This quick question card game is for kids and grown ups too! Each player dons a headband with card and then tries to guess what is on the card. The quick fire game is brilliant at helping kids to learn deductive reasoning skills.

A classic game that teaches kids the all important message of try, try and try again. This game will introduce them to the high climbing and slippery falls of the super fun and utterly timeless board game.

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