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The best dolls prams for toddlers

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Dolls prams are the perfect toys for toddlers. Not only do they encourage imaginative play, but when your little one is too big for the baby walker, toy pushchairs are great at providing stability when they start walking.

Toddlers learn about the world each day, and one way they do that is through imaginative play which is also important for toddler development. Dolls' prams are a great way to introduce pretend play, as toddlers are familiar with the concept of a pram, and tots can enjoy playing without getting frustrated or overwhelmed by the toy. They're also great for hand-eye coordination, putting dolls in the pram and fastening them in.

To save you some time, we've searched for the best dolls pram to buy for your toddler, that'll provide them hours (and years!) of fun. 

This doll and stroller set is ideal for a "first push around pram." The Molly Dolly comes dressed in a super, soft pink romper and hat, and perfeclty coordinates with the heart patterned stroller. The stroller has a sturdy metal frame with durable plastic fittings, meaning it can stand the test of time with any toddler. 

This vintage blue fabric pram with a pretty pink trim detail is simply beautiful! Little ones will look grown up and they'll adore pushing around this realistic pushchair that has an extendable hood and can be folded flat for easy storage. 

How gorgeous is this little pram? Made from natural wicker and durable wood, this pram makes the perfect push around toy. It comes with a pillow and quilt, and the covers can be easily removed for washing. 

With a sweet floral design, this stroller is perfect for taking your tots favourite toys out for a walk. The wheels have a rubber edge for noise reduction, and the stroller is great for indoor and outdoor use, (just remember to store it somewhere dry!)

This blue stroller is an ideal unisex push around! It also has a lovely white trim. The slighty bigger height makes it great for growing tots too!

Tots will feel just like mum with this adorable push around stroller. The pram has an adjustable hood and it even has an under seat shopping basket to store all the little doll accessories! There's also a coordinating shoulder bag that transforms into a changing mat to change baby's nappy on the go!

Featuring a soft pastel blue finish and fresh moon and star design, the moonlight pram is designed in a classic and traditional style. It's strong structure and natural rubber wood wheels allow the pram to run smoothly, making it the perfect pram to take dolls and toys on a walk. 

Playtime will be double the fun with this adorable twin pushchair with unicorn feature. It has two seatbelts and a small footrest, and even has a mesh under storage for all doll accessories!

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