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The 10 best kids headphones your children will absolutely love

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Headphones for kids nowadays are a must; whether it’s for their lockdown Zoom school classes, enjoying their favourite music, using kid-friendly apps or gaming with their friends, a pair of the best headphones for kids will not only keep them happy, but provide a more peaceful environment for parents too (because how much Justin Bieber and Billy Eilish on repeat at full volume can you really handle?).

As we all know, a bland pair of black headphones just won’t cut it, so we’ve picked out 10 of the most funky, colourful, and useful headphones that your children will absolutely be obsessed with.

Choosing headphones for kids

Considering all the new tech that has entered our lives in recent years, headphones need to be compatible with most of the electronic devices around the house — Echos, Google Homes, Siri, tablets, smartphones, and even the TV — so choosing a good pair of Bluetooth headphones would probably be your best bet. Deciding whether wireless or corded earphones would suit your child’s needs is perhaps the next thing to think about.

As far as design is concerned, fortunately, there is something available to interest every kid, from Peppa Pig and Pokemon and even light-up headphones in every colour. Whatever your or your child’s preference, we’ve found 10 of the best headphones for kids with rave customer reviews for you to choose from.

Available in blue or green, or purple and pink, these jazzy cat-ear glowing Bluetooth headphones for kids have flashing red, blue, and green LED lights that blink with the rhythm of the music. These Amazon’s choice headphones, with more than 2,300 customer ratings, have both wire and wireless capabilities and can fold up compactly to fit in a pocket or a backpack.

For your Pokémon-loving kids, be prepared for a lot of jumping up and down once they lay eyes on these Pokémon Pokeball headphones. With soft ear pads for hours of comfortable wearing, an adjustable headband, and smartphone compatibility, these wired headphones are an economical option with great sound quality and make a wonderful addition to your kids’ expanding Pokémon collection.

Another great pair of headphones for kids from Riwbox, the WT-7S light-up model has convenient built-in function buttons right on the side of the earpiece which turn the headphones on and off, open and close the LED lights, play or pause the music, answer phone calls and hang up, adjust the volume, and even go to the previous or next song. They also come in four different colours so there’s something for everyone.

If your child is past the stage of loud and whacky designs, the Groov-e DJ style wireless headphones will likely be right up their street as they are pretty simple and come in understated two-tone shades including blue, red, pink, and violet. At just £14, these are an affordable pair of headphones that provide up to 7.5 hours of wireless playback, have a hands-free microphone and a handy audio sharing port.

Although there are probably already a number of Peppa Pig items in your house, what’s one more if it will bring a massive smile to your Peppa-obsessed child’s face? These on-ear corded headphones with Bluetooth capability and adjustable headband also have reduced decibel speakers so you won’t have to worry that they’re cranking up their favourite bangers too loud.

If you’re shopping for more than one child, this two-pack of over ear wired headphones from Mpow is a great option. There’s a sharing interface so that they can listen to the same music or watch videos on phones or tablets together, the headbands are cushioned and stretchable, and the earpads are large, soft, and breathable for maximum comfort. There are also various fun colours to choose from.

Available in two different colour combinations — blue and yellow, or blue and pink — the Simolio Bluetooth headphones from Amazon are a popular pair of kids’ headphones with more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon. There’s hands-free calling, a detachable cable, an audio share feature, and a three-level volume limit to protect their little ears. Each pair also comes with a convenient little carrying case that the headphones compactly fit into.

Providing a plethora of style choice — 16 different designs to be exact, from Llamas (pictured), cars, and beach-themed, to blue camo, monster trucks, princesses, robots, and many more — the Snug Play+ kids headphones are one of the most popular kids headphones on Amazon, with more than 11,000 reviewers singing their praises. They’re comfortable, good quality, and the price is right.

The slightly smaller size of these KidMoments headphones, as well as their cute kitty design (removable if your little ones like to switch it up) in either blue or pink, means that they’re suitable for much younger kids too. The headband is adjustable to expand as they grow. We also like the fact that they’re made from BPA-free plastic. “Lovely headphones,” reported one happy customer. “Great, long, sturdy cable and perfect for my seven-year-old.”

For something a little more unique—and particularly comfortable at that—why not opt for the Snuggly Rascals headband headphones? Made from super soft fleece with embedded ultra-flat speakers, these size-adjustable headphones are compatible with all smart devices and computers, have a safety volume limit, and the box comes with a couple of bonuses—travel puzzles and stickers—as an extra little surprise. In addition to this happy unicorn, there are a few other designs to choose from too, including monster (green), and penguin.

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