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The best outdoor toys and garden toys for babies and toddlers

Children playing with garden toys

With good weather in sight, you might be looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained in the garden while you enjoy the sunshine or do a little gardening. We get that's not always easy to keep them occupied, so we've found the best outdoor toys and activities that your babies and toddlers will love.

However old your child is, there is always fun to be had out in the garden. With a variety of garden toys to play with - whether it be a bubble machine, a swing set, sandpit, or ride-on toy - plus all the sounds and sights to be found in the great outdoors, there's no reason to be bored. 

If it's still nippy outside, then wrap up warm with wellies and a good coat - poor weather is no reason for not having fun in the garden. 

Here's our shortlist of the best outdoor toys and garden toys to be enjoyed this year: 


Who doesn't love bubbles? This battery operated machine will save your arms from constantly blowing bubbles, and provides a fun sensory experience for little ones. Your babies will be glued to the bubbles floating around and toddlers will love chasing the bubbles trying to pop them. Just remember to keep stocked up on the bubble mix. 

This fun water table is like a mini water park for your garden. With a scooping ferris wheel, water wheels and squirting character balls, your toddler will have so much fun keeping cool and developing their motor skills. 

Bring soft play home with this national treasure. They’ll still be trying to squeeze into it aged seven.

With this outdoor house little ones will love using their imagination. They can also stay sheltered from the sun when they're playing and it's made from sturdy plastic, so it won't blow over in the wind. 

This foam jigsaw mat is ideal for you to lay outside with your little ones as they enjoy tummy time or as a fun activity for toddlers. Help teach them the alphabet by fitting the letters in the correct square, then join the squares up.

Any little explorer will love this boat-shaped sandpit. Your little one's imagination can run wild, as they sail their boat and build sandcastles, all while they enjoy the fresh air. 

Babies will love crawling through this play tent or laying in the teppee keeping cool. It's easy to assemble and pop away - you can even use it in your house for indoor fun on those rainy days.

If your little one loves mud, then this mud kitchen might just be the perfect thing to keep them entertained. It has a removable splash tub which is ideal for mixing mud, and also a dry area that little ones can cook up a (muddy) storm.

You can't go wrong with a slide for on outdoor toy. Little ones will love climbing the small steps of the slide, then sliding down with their arms in the air.

This soft play castle block set is ideal for bringing soft play to your house, and on a nice summer's day is perfect to have outside in the garden. Watch your little one build and climb safetly with the soft blocks.

We know that kids love doing whatever their parents are doing, so why not let them give you a hand with the gardening with their very own gardening set? They'll love helping you water the plants, dig up the soil and move things around the garden.

‘I’m bored of the swings’ – said no toddler, ever. Classic outdoor fun.

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