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Tablets for kids: the best children's tablets for 2021

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There's no denying that tablets and smart tech is a big part of children's lives now, so if you want to invest in a tablet for your little one, how do you know which to choose? 

With a wide range of tablets aimed at children these days, you can choose between a less-expensive but still sturdy model, or a mroe high-tech tablet that will last them through several years. 

We've researched the best kids' tablets on sale today to help you decide which one to choose: 

A fully functioning Amazon Fire tablet, this isn’t just a toy but the same as your own tablet, just in a super-protective case. It includes a two-year guarantee, so if your little one breaks it, you can return it and get a replacement for free. Also includes a year’s subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, with loads of apps, games, videos, and audiobooks.

It’s an adult tablet but designed for little hands, with a lighter weight than a normal tablet. The system grows with your child allowing development alongside technology. The parental controls filter millions of websites for your peace of mind.

Features a parental control dashboard and all sorts of filters to keep your little ones away from inappropriate content and advertising. There’s also a ‘blue shade’ option to filter blue light and decrease tired eyes.

A powerful Android tablet for children, with a robust shock-proof child-proof casing that should protect against being thrown down the stairs. The in-built iWawa app gives you plenty of control over access and screentime.

For younger ones, this is ideal. Customise the homescreen for your individual child, and it includes more than 20 apps to discover.

The brightly coloured silicone case will keep it safe, and your little one will also be safe thanks to the parental controls. There’s a Kids’ Mode and Android Mode, plus loads of built-in cartoons.

When choosing a tablet for your children, make sure to find one with a sturdy, shock-proof and child-proof case. You don't want to invest in such technology and then find it being flung off the sofa and breaking on day 1. 

Always check what parental controls there are; you'll find that some children's tablets give you control over how long they are used, as well as restricting access to sites and apps; plus several filter websites to only show certain vetted sites. 

Also have a look at what size screen you want to buy; you might think that a bigger screen will be better as it's easier to see, but will it be tricky for little hands to hold? 

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