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Our favourite wooden trains for toddlers

Our favourite wooden trains for toddlers

It’s a universal truth that toddlers are often obsessed with trains. Whether it’s Thomas on the TV, playing with a wooden set, or simply watching them go past at the level crossing, trains grasp the imagination of toddlers and won’t let go.

My little boy, who’s just turned two, is in love with all sorts of trains. He gets so excited when we have to stop for a train to go past, and the train set is permanently erected in our dining room. He often takes Percy to bed with him, and Thomas has to be on telly before we have breakfast.

He currently has three wooden train sets – one at our house, one at Grandma’s, and one at Grandad’s.

If you’re looking for a train set that will see your toddler through years of train obsessions, get a wooden one that’ll last for ages. We’ve chosen our favourite wooden train sets for toddlers:  

Brio is the ultimate wooden train set for toddlers, and it’s been around for years. You might even have one in your loft from your own childhood that you can pass on to your little one. This starter kit is great for toddlers to begin their train set obsession; there are loads of add-ons and accessories to keep building up, and to give the family Christmas present ideas for years to come.

Perfect for a first set, this is a little track ideal for little fingers. Comes with 20 pieces. 

One for the serious train fan, why not go all out and get your little one a table to set up a whole town? The first step to model trailway building! 

This is a beautiful wooden train set, which comes with 50 pieces, including trees, sheep, a shed, and a drawbridge. It's very similar to Brio (and the trains will probably work on both types of track). 

One to pick up the next time to take a trip to IKEA for a bedside table (and end up buying five plants and a couple of candles?!). 

We've been super impressed by the wooden toys at ALDI lately and this cute train set is another success. We like that it comes with a road mat as well as the rails. 

Is your little one obsessed with wooden trains? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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