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The best wooden toys for children

The best wooden toys for children

Wooden toys are becoming popular once more, with their traditional look and ability to withstand toddler temperaments. Why not take a look at our selection of wooden toys that your little ones will love? 

They're also eco-friendly, preventing that pile of plastic toys growing ever higher. 

Shopping for toys can be difficult, especially when you don't know what will break within 10 minutes of play and what will cope with the tumbles and throws of a little one. From wooden cars to interactive play sets, we've found a selection of toys that are perfect for children, and will help to encourage their imagination and motor-skills.

Take a look at our wooden toy best-buys for children:

This high quality wooden track will provide years of fun for your little one. Watch them race the cars down the slopes as your tot uses their imagination. The best part is there is no assembly required and it's easy to wipe clean.

Not only does this wooden rainbow look great as a room decoration, but it's also a good educational toy for little ones. It's great for making different shapes and improving motor skills and creativty as little ones explore the different ways to stack each rainbow colour. It's also a great way to teach them colours.

Fulfill your child's role-play dreams of being a doctor (and testing your heart rate with their stethoscope every five minutes) with this wooden doctor's kit from Janod. The set includes 10 wooden toys: a syringe, a reflex hammer, a bottle of disinfectant, a stethoscope, an otoscope with magnifying glass, a thermometer, a tongue depressor, a prescription pad with a paper pencil, and a bandage roll.

This sturdy kitchen is built to last. Little ones will have hours of fun with the pretend oven, tap that twists and turns and even working dials. The pretend kitchen helps to encourage imaginative play, as they cook pretend foods and prepare dinners. 

Shape sorters are great for developing problem-solving skills and shape recognition, and are definitely a childhood must-have. It comes with 12 colourful shapes that are easy for little hands to hold, too. 

These Peter Rabbit skittles are a perfect traditional toy, and little ones will love standing them up and knocking them down. It comes with two wooden balls as well, which is perfect for teaching tots how to take turns at knocking the skittles over. 

The Muro Mini Pack includes a plywood board that can be used as a stand-alone toy in any room, or fixed to the wall to make a fidget board. The pack includes five rubberwood toys, although there are 30 toys in the range that you can buy separately to make the board really unique. It's suitable from 12 months and can grow with your child's development needs. 

Made from eco friendly materials, this lovely little ice cream trolley includes 9 different magnetic flavoured ice creams and a magnetic wooden spoon. It helps to encourage imaginative play, while also enhancing communication skills. 

Little ones will love learning the different seasons, months, days, weather and time with this adorable wooden clock. The little animal features are adjustable to different days, months and numbers, and it helps encourage hand/eye coordination and basic physics. 

This sweet playset helps to encourage active play in tots and teaches them about how some vegetables grow and how to harvest them. The set comes with gardening tools, a variety of vegetables and a very hungry caterpillar that has snuck into the garden.

Little ones will love being just like mum and dad with this wooden camera that lights up and makes a sound when they take a pretend picture. It even has a silicone cause to protect it from damage, just incase you're tot drops it on the floor.

Made from 100% natural beech, these wooden teething toys are environmentally friendly. The wood is soft enough to be gentle on babies' gums, helping to ease teething discomfort, and they also help enhance development through sounds and movement. 

Pepe the pull-along puppy is the sweetest wooden toy. He helps children to learn balance and coordination, while giving them little giggles with his wagging tail when he rolls along the floor after them.

Made from high quality and sustainable materials, this funky retro scooter helps to encourage children to play and develop their fine motor skills. The quality wood also makes sure it's strong and stable.

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