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10 children's books guaranteed to give parents the giggles

What better way to make bedtime feel less like a chore than everyone having a giggle? These clever reads are books for adults craftily disguised as children’s books and will make any storytime all-the-more interesting.

This isn't just your normal recommended reading list, BookTrust, the UK’s largest reading charity has put together a list of the best giggle-inducing books with double meanings, pun-ny jokes or cheeky subtexts. They might be written for kids but are secretly for your total enjoyment, but you might not find the jokes funny for the same reason!

Author: Will Mabbitt
Publisher: Puffin
Interest age: 3-6

At the beginning of this apparently simple picture book, the writer/illustrator confesses that he can only draw worms. And worms is what we get - helpfully differentiated by one having glasses, one being yellow for no particular reason.

Not much really happens in terms of story, but the ongoing joke is effectively hilarious. 

Author: Matty Long
Publisher: Oxford 
Interest age: 5-8

The third in the excellent giggle-inducing Super Magic Happy Forest series has a distinctly Lord of the Rings homage which will amuse parents to no end, and the semi-comic format is original yet accessible for young ones.

There are plenty of funny details and captions to spot, whether it's the tavern keeper asking heroes to leave reviews on Quest Advisor or the return of the tea-drinking goblins from book two.

Author: Marty Kelley
Publisher: Sterling
Interest age: 3-7

This one has made the list because fart etiquette is universally funny. Part of the joy of this book, featuring the eternally amusing subject of farting, is the skillful depiction of a variety of farting faces belonging to all the different characters, with plenty of laughs guaranteed. 

Author: Elys Dolan
Publisher: Oxford
Interest age: 4-8

Where do your Easter eggs come from? Why, Mr Bunny's chocolate factory of course! Staffed by hardworking chickens like June, Vera and Debbie, it's a well-oiled choccy machine - until Mr Bunny, a chocolate capitalist, starts putting profits before poultry.

Even Edgar the Quality Control Unicorn is no match for Mr Bunny, and chaos reigns until the chickens go on strike. I'm sure we can all relate to this workplace in one way or another...

Author: Elys Dolan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Interest age: 3+

Steven the seagull used to be a cop and is now retired (although Sergeant Starfish might call it dismissed). But Steven's old partner, Mac, needs him back - and soon. A dastardly criminal is stealing sand from the Beach City's beaches, leaving them pepperered with holes. Who will save Beach City?

Author: Meg McLaren
Publisher: Andersen Press
Interest age: 3-6

This story of mystery and friendship is easy-to-follow and fun for both children and adults as they discover hidden details and jokes within each illustration. But will you follow the clues to find the theif? 


£5.03 - RRP: £6.99

Author: Matt Carr
Publisher: Scholtastic
Interest age: 4-7

Spyder is a spunky secret agent who lives in Tom's loft. This secret agent does not let her small size get in the way of her success, she is a fierce but likeable female character that both children and adults will admire.

Children will love helping the secret agent, pouring over the lists, phone messages and addendums. The pace of the story fast and exciting, with plenty of puns to keep families chuckling away.

Author: Jon Agee
Publisher: Scallywag Press
Interesting age: 4-7

This simple concept about walls, and what they keep in and out, is exceptionally executed. But which side of the wall is really safe for the foolish knight, who believes the other side of the wall is full of danger? Maybe he was wrong about the wall, but you can interpret that how you like...

Author: Lily Murray
Publisher: Jarvis
Interest age: 4-7

WARNING: Likely to induce fits of giggling in young and older readers.

This quirky tale is told in a conversational style with deceptively simple illustrations that convey a sense of jeopardy as well as humour. 

Author: Alex T Smith
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books 
Interst age: 5+

Who could forget Claude - a small plump dog in a stylish red sweater and beret - and he's back for a new adventure. Joined by sidekick Sir Bobblysock, this story sees a walk into town unexpectedly lead to Claude joining in Henrietta Highkick-Spin's dance class... and let's face it, we've all unwillingly walked into an exercise class before!

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