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SmarTfold 300 Plus Folding 6 in 1 Trike - tried and tested!

Our panel of no-nonsense mums put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have extra time to watch EastEnders with a cuppa tea! 

In this month's hot seat...

SmarTrike SmarTfold 300 Folding 6 in 1 Trike, £99, Argos 

They say:

smarTrike smarTfold 300 plus – Compact Folding Trike is a 6 in 1 trike that folds up compactly, making it the ideal travel choice for all families. Effortless One Touch Steering®, is a smarTrike exclusive patent Easily control the trike without any effort in steering. Lightly touch the parent handle and the trike intuitively steers in the direction you want to go.

Super convenient for parents and fun for babies! This 6 in 1 trike has 6 stages so the trike grows with your baby from a baby push trike to an independent toddler tricycle, helping them to develop motor skills, confidence and balance along the way to riding independence.

Babies can learn how to steer and pedal while the parent is in control. Once old enough, you and your baby can enjoy the trike dual control function. The Control Button on the front wheel mudguard allows parents to easily switch control over to baby and back again when they are tired or getting frustrated.

Hmmmm. Over to you, mums! 


Easy assembly is important for parents with young kids. How did you find assembly of the product?

Amii Russell: Assembly was very straightforward. I was surprised at how simple it was!

Jade Herring: Very easy to assemble which is good when my 10-month-old wants to get into everything, so is good that there are no little bits to put in his mouth 

Lisa Holmes: It was reassuring to take a product out of a box and see that there was very little to do to put together. Assembly of the smarTrike took a couple of tries to get the hang of but now that I’ve used it a few times I can put it together within a minute. There are reassuring clicks and buttons for each part that connects to the main frame so you know it’s safe and secure for your little one. The front wheel was a little stiff at first to click into place but it gets easier after a couple of tries. 

Natasha Simmons: Assembly of the product was fine, I liked the fact I could put it together without the help of my husband and tools!

The trike is compact and folds to fit in any car. What were the benefits as a mum of small children?

Fiona Dyson: I loved that the trike folded up. It makes it so much easier to pop it in the boot of the car and take it out with us, especially with 2 kids to get ready! It's also great for storage as other trikes are bulky and take up space.

Kelly Snell: We decided to take the trike out in the car this weekend, it was so so easy to collapse, we didn’t even look at the instructions and it was the first time we did it. We had our dog in the boot so putting the trike in there wasn’t an option, not to worry the trike went straight on the back seat! When we got to our destination it was super easy to reassemble, it took about 60 seconds to collapse and the same to reassemble! It’s so easy to pop in the car with you, so we actually take it instead of our stroller pram now!

Danielle ReubyThis was also an ideal seat for my son during the school coffee morning. In fact, it caused a fair bit of interest! The bonus was it didn’t take up too much room in hall either. I can see this working for our beach walks and up to our local country park’s cycle path.  

How comfortable was it to carry the trike when in parent control mode? 

Amii Russell: Initially it is comfortable to manoeuvre, however, we have found that the parent handle seems to drop it's position when in motion so you are constantly having to readjust the height. The trike is easy to steer, even one-handed without too much effort.

smarTrike Comment: There is a pin that pops up when the parent handle is fully extended. This pin stops the handle from falling down. Sometimes on the first go it is quite stiff, you might have to pull the handle up sharply before you hear and see the pin pop out and click. Here is a video showing how:

Fiona Mckeown: This trike was incredibly easy to steer. We found it had great manoeuvrability over the terrain and we always felt in control. It feels light when in parent mode but we never had any concerns of it tipping. This was a stylish ride for both child and parent. 

Louisa Stanford: With the smart trike your in complete control of where the wheel goes and it makes life so much easier. 

What did your little one think of the trike? 

Fiona Mckeown: It’s safe to say this is now a firm favourite in our household. Every opportunity to get out and about with this trike has been taken. It’s practicality makes it ideal for a quick trip out and a chance to grab some fresh air. The excitement is evident on Clara’s face and expressions. In fact, we can say she has never been so keen to don her shoes and coat. 

Lisa Holmes: Our little boy loves the smarTrike so much that I’ve had to hide it in another room when it’s not in use! He has cried each time I’ve taken him out of it and as soon as he sees it he wants to sit in it and points to the front door to go out for a walk. I am definitely getting more exercise as a result!

Danielle Reuby: He loved the trike so as soon as he saw it for pick up he was very excited about ‘That’ and didn’t do his normal 3pm tantrum about being put in a car seat, to be put in a buggy to be put into a car seat. Every time we have used it when he isn’t tired he has enjoyed it. 

Louisa Stanford: Yes she loves it, even when we are at home she likes to climb in and sit on the trike. 

Finally, would you recommend this to other mums? 

Natasha Simmons: I would definitely recommend this product to other Mums, compared to other competitors I think it represents good value for money, smart features (such as the padded seat, parent control steering and bag for your things)  and you feel safe with your little one using it, as you maintain control. They also don’t get “pram rage”, as it’s a bit more exciting for them. 

Jade Herring: Yes it’s a very nicely built trike and easy to use and extra good with the storage as my brother has a different trike that doesn’t fold and he wishes it did!

Louisa Stanford: Absolutely its fantastic and a great solution to those how don't have a lot of space at home or in a car to store a bit trike. 

Check out the SmarTrike SmarTfold 300 Plus Compact Folding Trike, here.