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What to buy when your toddler is obsessed with tractors

Toddler loves tractors

If your little one is anything like mine, then there simply are not enough tractors in the world. Everything at the moment has to have a tractor on it - from his cardigan, to his welly boots, to every possible tractor toy in Smyths, and of course, his tractor-themed birthday party. 

My little boy is currently at the stage of arguing with anything I say; so, if we see a big tractor, he says "No, small tractor!". OK, a small tractor. "No, big tractor!". Sigh... 

Luckily, there are many, many, MANY things you can buy a toddler that feature a tractor. From tractor-themed party decorations, to toys, to clothing, and much more, you can quite literally cover your entire house with tractors, if you really wish. 

Do bear in mind that your little one might (and probably will) change their mind next week and really hate tractors. 

I've trawled the internet and found a whole host of excellent tractor-themed stuff, to cover every base if that's what your toddler loves this week. 

Not just a good-quality tractor toy, this also features a working drill that your little one can use to take apart and rebuild the tractor. Great for motor skills and engagement, this will keep your toddler occupied for, ooh, at least three minutes. 

If your little one loves tractors, then what could possibly be a better birthday or Christmas present than a ride-on tractor? This one is super realistic and your toddler will love spotting the big version in the fields. It has one forward and one reverse gear.  

A fun problem-solving toy, stack the bricks together to make a tractor. 

Featuring 22 pieces to play with, the SmartMax tractor set uses magnets to click together and build new worlds. They're chunky to hold, and there are loads of other sets you can buy that will work together. 

Available from newborn to 24-months in size, your little one will look as cute as a button in these tractor dunagrees. The Breton long-sleeve t-shirt will go with plenty of other outfits, too. The tank top is available from 6 months to 6 years in size; knitted in super-soft cotton, it'll keep your tractor-loving toddler warm throughout autumn.

From socks, to dresses, jumpers, cardigans, and more, Frugi has a massive range of baby and toddler clothing featuring tractors. As with all Frugi clothing, the quality is really high and hard-wearing. 

We love these tractor wellies. Every toddler needs a sturdy pair of welly boots to jump in a thousand puddles. They're also available in puffin and frog designs. 

If you're throwing a tractor-themed birthday party, then you need to deck the house out in all things tractor - buy this set of decorations - balloons, cupcake toppers, pom poms and a banner. 

No tractor-themed party would be complete without a Happy Birthday banner! 

For a special birthday present, this personalised tractor-themed print is ideal - it'll look gorgeous hanging in a little one's tractor-themed bedroom.

Vinyl stickers are the best way to personalise your child's bedroom without being permanent - great when you know their obsession won't last forever. This tractor design is available in a range of bright colours. 

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