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Tuff tray: what is it and where to buy one

tuff tray

They may not look like much, but a tuff tray offers endless opportunities to entertain your child. Here's what you need to know and where you can buy one...

What is a tuff tray?

A tuff tray (also known as a tuff spot) is simply a heavy-duty, plastic builder mixing tray, typically in an octagonal shape and usually sitting on a stand, raising it off the ground. Over time, it has instead been used for children to contain different materials as the raised sides help keep everything on the tray, making it perfect for messy play. 

When can my child use a tuff tray?

While each child will be different, tuff trays can generally be used anywhere from two to nine years old. 

A tuff will really come into its own when a toddlers imagination starts to soar as there is so much potential plus it's great for helping their gross and fine motor development

Other benefits of a tuff tray

  • Can contain any mess, away from your dining room table!
  • Can be easily wiped clean.
  • Will be used for years to come by one or more children.
  • Most can be used inside and out. 
  • Encourages group and imaginative play.

What can a tuff tray be used for?

All manner of things! Here are just a few ideas...

Tuff trays to buy

This set includes both the tray and stand. It's also available in 70cm diameter if you have a smaller space. 

Dimensions: 100cm diameter 

Review: "Great product, my 2 and 5 year old play with sand and water toys all day. It's great as it allows them to play standing and is adjustable to suit different heights."

This round tray is available in four different colours and the height can be adjusted to three heights: 59cm, 50cm and 41cm, meaning it'll grow with your child as they do.

Dimensions: 60cm diameter

Review: "Perfect size for my children. We use it for things like pouring water with jugs (and an old kettle) small world, sensory, all sorts. it had 3 different heights so can be made higher or lower to the picture. Could fit 3 children around the table. Much better than the larger tuff trays for me so it fits better in the house. Fantastic price, would definitely recommend."

Despite this tuff tray not including a stand, it boasts five stars from reviewers on Amazon.

Dimensions: W1000 x D1000 x H80mm

Review: "Fantastic. I used to work in nurseries, preschools etc and loved these. Now my children can enjoy activities using this at home."

There isn't a stand included with this tray, but you may be happy without it. Eight sided, there's lots of space for play. 

Diameter: 94cm

It may be expensive but this product takes the tuff tray to the next level with handy shelves underneath to store resources so your youngster can access them easily. The tuff spot tray can be taken in and out easily, so your little one can use it around the home.

Dimensions: 1480(H) x 1180(W) x 1100mm(D)

A tuff tray - but stylish! We love how this product adds a chic but practical element to your home, meaning your child gets to enjoy plenty of fun without compromising your interiors.  

Dimensions: H47cm x Diameter 93cm 

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