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The best walkie talkies for kids

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Do you remember the first time you used a walkie talkie? The excitement as you pressed down the button and spoke into it and then stopped to listen to hear someone chatter back? Then you’ll understand exactly why children today love walkie talkies just as much as previous generations did.

Whether they’re just playing hide and seek in the garden, chatting with their friend down the street or keeping in touch with you on family camping trips, a walky-talky set provides oodles of fun, helping your child feel like a secret agent. And models are more sophisticated than ever, with an array of features to choose from, offering things like long battery life, flashlights and even games to play.

Remember to remind your child not to talk to people they don’t know while playing as walkie talkies work by tuning in to the same frequency as other devices, meaning it’s possible for other people within range to be able to communicate on the channel. It’s well worth teaching your youngster how to turn the walkie talkie off or to switch channels just in case this ever happens.

The best children's walkie talkies

The ergonomic and lightweight design of these colourful walkie talkies means they will fit comfortably in your child's hands and the left-side push to talk operation makes for easy use. There are eight channels of the two way radios, ensuring three miles of wireless communication for plenty of funny. 

3km long range
15.4 x 7.6 x 6.4 cm

Review: "This walkie talkie was well worth the money, provided hours of fun for my 4 year old boy and 5 year old girl. Very easy to use, covers a good range and with a fun design."

VTech is a much-loved brand by parents and these walkie talkies are certainly child-friendly with built-in screen animations and different voice effects so the kids can have fun experimenting and even pranking each other. There are also four different games to play in real-time to put their memory skills to test

65-foot range
9.7 x 17.8 x 19 cm

Review: "This is a great startup walkies. My son loves it, especially the voice effects and games. Very easy to use. The battery doesn't last long so be sure to have extra AAA around."

With a crisp and smooth sound quality and adjustable volume level, your child will hear absolutely everything on this walkie talkie. Offering the ability to use different channels and broadcast to one or many units, they are easy for your little one to carry at just 90g.

3 Miles Range 
15.1 x 7.8 x 6.2 cm

Review: "Adults and kids all love these! Bought at Christmas for 7 & 4 year olds and my 2 year old can use them too, very simple. Tested the reception right across our village and lost no signal. Very clear. Great buy! Wish I got a 3 pack rather than 2 to keep one at our house!"

They may be pricier than other options but we love the look of these walkie talkies. When the speaker is talking, the eyes of walkie talkies twinkle colourful lights and they come with a watch strap and lanyard, making them easy to keep strapped to your youngster, leaving their hands free. You can even communicate with other radios regardless of the brand, simply by being on the same channel and using a privacy code.

2 miles range
20.83 x 12.45 x 3.3 cm

Review: "These are absolutely brilliant! The sound quality is brill - crystal clear! My daughter has been running around the house, upstairs/downstairs using it she's all chuffed and we've all had a good laugh with them!"

Ideal for young children who are fans of Toy Story, the sculpted design of these walkie talkies means your little one can bring their pal Buzz Lightyear along for the ride. Easy to use, simply press the push to talk button and away you go.

250m range
26.7, W4.8, D20.3cm.

Review: "Lovely walkies talkies, hours of fun for both of mychildren. Bit quiet but overall good."

One for families with three kids, this trio of walkie talkies has cool camouflage exteriors, built-in flashlight and bright LCD display. Simple to use for all the family, they are 1.2m drop resistant and automatically suppress any pesky background noise so your child can communicate clearly. 

3 mile Range
17.1 x 11.9 x 6.4 cm

Review: "Very pleased with this product the kids have had fun testing these out, they are easy to use and the sound quality is very good crisp and clear. They have a really nice shape in the hand and are compact and light I like the army combat design and colours, it means they're suitable for any age any situation."

Small enough for little hands to hold, there's no need to stock up on batteries with these walkie talkies as they come with a UK charger and rechargeable batteries. It also has a buil-in flashlight for playtime in the dark. 

11.5 x 5.5 x 2.8cm

Review: "Very functional, small and light so can be clipped to a belt or collar without weighing it down. Haven't tested their full range but perfect for what we need. Clear when speaking over 20-30 meter range with internal and external walls between. Double charging dock which houses both handsets."

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