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Make a splash with these underwater party decorations

Underwater party theme

Everyone will want to grab their swimsuits and snorkel to get lost in an under-the-sea themed children’s birthday party. Grab all the sea creatures you can get hold of and add them to every little corner of the room to create an unforgettable ocean scene for your little one’s birthday.

This is a perfect theme for a summer birthday party, or for a toddler who’s obsessed with sea creatures (hands up who’s got that octopus bath toy?!). We’ve made a list of the best sea-themed birthday party decorations you can buy online today:

These hanging ornaments will make any room feel like you’re under the sea. You get six fish in three different colours: gold, pink and blue. They’re easy to hang up thanks to attached thread.  


This set includes five different under the sea creature balloons, which will enchant all the children at the party. You will get a fish, an octopus, a seahorse, a shark and a lobster all for less than £8.  


Who doesn’t love a dolphin? This tableware is practical and fun; your little one’s friends will be more excited to eat and to drink with these vibrant designs. You get plates, cups, napkins, and a table cover all made with non-toxic materials.  

Get 52 assorted ocean sea creatures to keep all the children inspired during the party. They can be toys for your guests, or decorations for the table. Your little one can also play with them during bath time.  

A special touch to any party, this photo background will be great fun and makes your photos unique. It can be set up in a few seconds, and it’s easy to store.


Get these 200 sea-life stickers to bring the ocean to life in any room. They come in nine different designs and the children will love them (you might not, once you find all the places they’ve stuck them, mind you). 

This set includes 12 large fish foil; inflate them with helium to float around your party room.

Get 12 sea creature-shaped plates in six different designs. They’re so cute it will be hard to eat off them, so you can use them as decorations as well. 

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