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Get magical with the best unicorn party decorations

Unicorn party decorations

Unicorns are super on-trend and magical is the best word to describe a unicorn-themed party. If you’re looking for the best unicorn-themed party decorations, then take a look at our shortlist below; any of these options will invite unicorns into the real world of your home. With one of these sets, you’ll be able to create a dreamy vibe to celebrate your little one’s birthday.

This garland set is easy to install, and your party will feel like a fairy tale. This set includes a great selection of foil and latex balloons and pom poms. It also includes a happy birthday banner.  

Sixteen guests will have everything they need to enjoy a magical birthday tea. You get a happy birthday banner, plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and even balloons. All the items are non-toxic and environmentally friendly made with high-quality biodegradable paper.  

A set with 47 pieces including paper tassels, unicorn foil, and latex balloons and much more to decorate your house and impress your guests.   

This is a real bargain! For less than £20 you get everything you need for your little one's party – a great time saver too. With tableware for 16 guests, balloons, table cover, happy birthday flags, and gift bags, you will be fully prepared to have a good party.   

To create the perfect area to take tonnes of pictures, choose this magical unicorn backdrop. Photos of your little one’s birthday will be so much fun. 

A unicorn statistics poster is a cute addition to any celebration. You can add all sorts of information about your little one’s development, such as height, weight, favourite song, and first words.

Create the perfect dream party with this party decoration set with 60 pieces. You will get different types of balloons to transform any room into a unicorn universe. It also includes a balloon air pump.   

This is the perfect birthday party solution in a box, and you can get this set for eight, 16, or 24 children. Each set comes with a banner, cake topper, balloons, plates, cups, straws, napkins, and much more.

A piñata will add fun to any party. Even if the children are too small to hit it, they will be happy to catch as many sweets as they can!

Get this personalised party banner to add a special touch to your little one's celebration. You can add both name and photos to the banner, which can be used indoors and outdoors.   

Your little one will feel super special for their birthday party in this dress-up set; the fluffy rainbow feathers and glitter will result in a magical transformation. Recommended for three years old and up (which means yes, you can wear it too!).

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