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5 baby sleep tricks that mums swear by (12 to 18 months)

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Want to be that parent whose baby sleeps peacefully all night? You may have read hundreds of books on baby and toddler sleep, but sometimes the advice that works best comes from other mums. 

Luckily, fellow Mother&Baby mums have told us their top tips for helping your little one snooze soundly through the night. 


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1) Give over your t-shirt

‘At just before a year old, Esme wouldn’t settle in her cot. A friend told me to give her a T-shirt that I’d worn all day. I’d lay it under her like a sheet until she finally went to sleep, then took it out. After a few days, it didn’t matter that it no longer smelled of me.’
Jane, 36, from Ipswich, mum to Esme, 13 months
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2) Don’t go in too soon

‘Milly always woke early and I used to go to her as soon as I heard her babbling. One morning, I decided just to leave her for a few minutes, so I could get more rest. She nodded off again and slept until 7.30am. I realised I’d been far too quick to get her up.’
Kate, 31, from London, mum to Milly, 16 months
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3) Find your song

‘James was 18 months before he slept through consistently. What worked was showing him how to put his teddy to sleep. Now, at bedtime, or if he wakes in the night, he sings a nursery rhyme to his teddy, tucks him in, then goes to sleep himself.’
Helen, 36, from Cheltenham, mum to James, two
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4) Stick to a plan

‘When Barney started waking at 4am at 16 months old, I was careful never to get him out of his cot – I wanted him to realise it was still night time. I just stroked his head and whispered that it was time to sleep. After a few nights, he went back to sleeping through the night.’
Rosie, 34, from Bristol, mum to Barney, 20 months
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5) Teach them to self-settle

‘When Alice was about 11 months old, I started putting her down sleepy but awake, so she’d be happy to fall asleep on her own. If she cried, I’d wait a few minutes, because often she’d drop off on her own.’ 
Charlie, 32, from Cardiff, mum to Alice, 18 months

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