10 tips to help your little ones get to sleep that \*really\* work

by Emily Fedorowycz |

We know bedtime for your kids can be anything but a dream. Getting the little ones into a usual bedtime routine is easier said than done! To help you along the way we’ve crafted some different tips, tricks and hacks to help you get your little ones to drift off to sleep.

From getting them a bedtime pal, to creating a bedtime routine and the new apps helping you along the way.

Here are 10 tips to help your little one fall asleep...

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1. Set a consistent bedtime routine

Children thrive with routine, so make sure you have a set plan before bed, whether this is bath or story time, they’ll know what the next step is and will be prepared for it. It won’t take long for your child’s body to automatically start getting tired throughout this routine as they prepare for bed.

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