Best toddler car bed for your little racer

best toddler car bed

by Samantha Price |

Do you have a toddler fascinated by all things cars? If the answer is yes, imagine their little face lighting up if they ever walked into their room and found a brand new toddler car bed. It would be amazing, right? Introducing something your child is passionate about can help ease them if your tot is struggling to sleep or has anxiety around bedtime. A toddler car bed might help to drive some of those worries away.

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Moreover, it’s perfectly normal for toddlers to experience nightmares and night terrors. It’s why you’ll want your toddler to associate their bedroom with a safe space where they feel protected and reassured. As well as introducing some familiar friendly faces, creating a regular bedtime routine will most likely be helpful.

Likewise, to make bedtime less intimidating, making their environment a fun and welcoming space will ease any anxiety they have around sleep. These toddler car beds will have your tot racing to bed every night!

Best car beds for toddlers 2022

Here’s our round-up of the best toddler car beds that we could find. Want to add more personality to your toddlers’ room and make their bedtime routine much more fun? These car beds will do just that.

Disney Cars Toddler Bed with Drawers


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Who doesn't want a bed featuring Lightning McQueen, the lightning-fast racing car from Disney's Cars? As this bed is low to the ground with protective side guards, it's ideal for your mini petrolhead. Above all, it's got under bed storage, making it a perfect place for all those toys.

Zoomie Kids Dial Toddler Bed Frame

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Fit for a princess, this toddler car bed is straight from a fairytale. Have them jump into the carriage, ready for their slumber after a hard day of acting like a royal! There's no doubt they'll love this bed.

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Kids Toddler Bed by HelloHome


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Yet another brilliant bed featuring Lightning McQueen - this one has a likeness to the animated car like no other. Not to mention, there's an option where Lightning's eyes light up just like headlights. The front bonnet of the car also acts as a drawer for extra storage space! What more could you need?

Hello Kitty Feature Toddler Pink Car Bed

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We're sure that you'll be familiar with this famous kitty, and no doubt your tot will love her too. This low to the ground bed with protective side guards also comes with a cute canopy to help your little one feel protected and safe.

Storm Children's Racing Car Bed With Mattress and Working Headlights


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This car bed with impressive working headlights is the closest they'll get to having a real-life racing car in their room! With such a likeness to the real thing, your little racer will be overjoyed when they see this one.

Pink Princess Car Racer Bed

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This cute car bed is an adorable addition to their room that will have them feeling reassured at bedtime. Bonus points if they love cars AND all things pink... this one is definitely for them.

Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed

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A fabulous recreation of the iconic London bus, this bunk bed will be one to grow with your tot. Not to mention it's perfect if they have any older siblings that can take top bunk! Complete with a steering wheel and true to life details, they'll have so much fun with this bunk bed.

Eskew European Single Car Bed by Zoomie Kids

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Wow, just look at this cool car bed! With impressive attention to detail and real aluminium wheels, your little one will be so excited by the features on their brand new bed.

Kidsaw Racing Car Red Junior Bed Frame


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A fantastic fun addition to their bedroom is this easy to assemble car bed for little racers. It'll bring some fun and friendly atmosphere to their room, especially if they're struggling to sleep!

Of course, if you're wanting to have their bedroom completely car-themed, don't forget to check out some toddler car bedding! Additionally, there are plenty of car bedroom accessories to create a personal space for your little one to unwind.

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