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The best toddler toothpastes to keep those baby teeth clean and bright

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Best toddler toothpaste

Seeing your child smile will be more than enough to brighten your day, so why not help keep that smile bright with our pick of child friendly toothpaste that your little ones will love? 

As parents, we all know how important it is to give our children a healthy, balanced diet so that they get all the nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong. It’s just as important to teach them about looking after their teeth and getting the right toothpaste for your child will do just the job - just as it's important to get them a toothbrush that they love to use.  

A lot of children don’t like the strong minty taste, and it might put them off wanting to brush their teeth. We have found eight child-friendly toothpastes that you will only need to use a pea sized amount for, from natural tasting to silly strawberry flavours, that will get your children racing to the bathroom to brush their teeth.  

Featuring a yummy strawberry flavour, this naturally made toothpaste is ideal for little ones who don’t like the minty taste of ordinary toothpastes. It also contains organic Calendula which helps to soothe gums – perfect for when those last few teeth start coming through. 

Children have sugary snacks from time to time, so this child friendly toothpaste is ideal for little ones to use twice a day. With a 24-hour Sugar Acid Protection, the Little Teeth Toothpaste helps keep teeth healthy, strong and protected from sugars.  

Made with gentle, natural ingredients this organic mandarin and aloe vera toothpaste is safe for little ones and effective. It cleans teeth without harshness, leaving them feeling healthy and clean. There are also fluoride and fluoride-free options. 

Try something a little different to strawberry, mint and orange flavoured toothpastes with this superfruit pomegranate toothpaste. It encourages healthy gums and which is important for children, and helps anti-cavity and natural whitening for those lovely smiles that make your day. 

This Silly Strawberry flavoured toothpaste has a delicious, real fruit flavour that will appeal to your child’s taste. With no artificial colours or flavours, it’s not only good enough for little ones, but it’s definitely mum and dad approved.  

Free from artificial colours, you will be smiling just as much as your little ones. The mild minty flavour is perfect for introducing your children to the taste of toothpaste and it helps gently clean delicate little teeth, giving them the best start to a lifetime of healthy smiles.  

This delicious orange flavoured toothpaste will leave children wanting to brush their teeth. It contains Calcium Carbonate which helps keep their teeth clean and healthy. Jasons Kids Only toothpaste contains no artificial colours or parabens and is also vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Created specially to care for little one’s teeth, Ecodenta toothpaste protects children’s teeth from cracks, decay and helps to strengthen dental enamel. It’s gentle on teeth and even has a wild strawberry scent that children will love.  

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