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Quiz: Do you know the current car seat laws?

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Whether you are counting down until your little one arrives, or you are chasing around after your energetic toddler, it is simply essential to ensure that you have a safe car seat. With such a wide selection available it can often be challenging to find which is the best possible option for your child.

Current UK laws and regulations suggest that children should be placed in a car seat from birth all the way through to 12 years of age - or until they reach a height of 135cm.

In addition to this, car seats for newborns require that your little one stays rearward facing until at least 15 months; a recent regulation named i-Size does recommend for maximum safety and protection whilst travelling your child stays rearward all the way through to 4 years of age.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a car seat and you may have heard the term ISOFIX being used often. ISOFIX is a feature of modern vehicles, which is designed to make it easier for parents to fix car seats into their cars.

ISOFIX connectors are usually found on the edges of the seats in the rear of the car. Some cars have slots that are very easy to spot, while others are slightly less visible.

Take the below quiz for recommendations on which car seat is right for you?

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