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Mother & Baby are partnering with the baby charity Tommy’s this year for their 2018 awards - here's how YOU can get involved

Tommy's awards 2018

We're proud to announce that this year, Mother & Baby is partnering with baby charity Tommy's for their 2018 awards, and here's how you can get involved.

Tommy's awards 2018

Tommy’s passionately believes that much needs to be done to reduce the UK’s rates of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Currently 1 in 4 of us will experience pregnancy loss. Through our joined up expertise across 4 research centres, we conduct pioneering research into why it happens, and how we can stop it. 

Tommy's research

The Tommy's Awards recognises the parents who have been through the most challenging times during pregnancy.  We know that having a special partner, family member or healthcare worker there for you is crucial and can make the world of difference. The Tommy’s Awards help you to say thank you to your hero and over the next few months we will be sharing some of these stories online.

What is your story, tell us who has been with you every step of the way and why they mean so much to you? Nominate your hero today. Nominations close on Friday 15 December.

  • The Closer Star Fundraiser Award recognises an extraordinary individual who has gone above and beyond to fundraise in their local community on behalf of Tommy’s
  • The Costa Inspirational Mum Award recognises a mum who has gone through a difficult pregnancy journey and made it the other side
  • The Johnson & Johnson Doting Dad Award recognises a dad who has gone above and beyond to care and look after his child/children and family during a difficult pregnancy or birth
  • The First Choice Holiday Villages Little Champion Award recognises the tremendous courage and determination shown by a child boron prematurely who has fought and triumphed against the odds
  • The Water Babies Super Sibling Award celebrates a big brother or sister who has proven to be wise beyond their years after the early arrival of their new baby brother or sister
  • The Frankie & Benny’s Inspirational Family Award celebrates that extra-special family that that has transformed the lives of other, or supported each other through troubled times and come out the other side
  • The Haven Act of Kindness Award recognises a person who has gone above and beyond with an act of kindness to support a family who has gone through a pregnancy complication or loss
  • The Lansinoh Healthcare Hero Award recognises a midwife (or other medical profession) who has provided exceptional physical care or emotional support to parents in difficult times
  • The GSK Star Researcher Award celebrates someone who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to stimulating enthusiasm and interest in pregnancy complications research amongst the general public
  • The Sling Studio Mum’s Voice Award celebrates a mum who has spoken out about her own pregnancy experience and given hope to others

Learn more about Tommy’s at or follow them on Twitter @tommys_baby and Instagram @tommys_thebabycharity


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