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Hollyoaks and charity Count The Kicks aim to dispel stillbirth myths

Hollyoaks and charity Count The Kicks aim to dispel stillbirth myths

Fans of Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks are set to watch Jennifer Metcalf's character Mercedes suffer a stillbirth. 

With the mainstream TV show highlighting the devastating issue of stillbirth, charity Count The Kicks has teamed up with Hollyoaks to dispel some of the myths. 

All babies' movements are different, but many people don't understand how many times you should feel your baby kick during your pregnancy. 

Count The Kicks says: "There is no set movement pattern for unborn babies.

"Mums-to-be are advised to get to know the pattern of their own baby’s movements which should continue right up to birth. If those movements change, slow down or speed up, then they should seek the advice of a medical professional."

Elizabeth Hutton, CEO of Count The Kicks said: “There is still a lot of work to be done to educate people about spotting the signs that their unborn baby may be in distress. 


"By monitoring their baby’s movements, mums to be can help to take control of their pregnancy and spot danger signs when they arise.

“Count the Kicks was set up to help reduce the number of women who go through the tragedy of stillbirth – currently 16 every single day. We aim to educate mums to be about pregnancy so that they understand their baby’s movements and seek advice if they are concerned.  

"Our advice is that if they become aware of any changes in their baby’s movement pattern they should speak to a healthcare professional as soon as possible – do not rely on the advice of internet forums or well-meaning friends and family.”

Hollyoaks and charity Count The Kicks aim to dispel stillbirth myths

Actress Jennifer Metcalf who plays Mercedes in Hollyoaks said: “I’m honoured to have been given this storyline to raise awareness of such an important cause.

"Count the Kicks is a fantastic charity, which aims to teach expectant mothers about noticing changes in their pregnancy to reduce the risk of stillbirth. Mercedes has already been through so much tragedy in her life, but the death of her son will show a much more fragile side to her character.

"The scripts are brilliantly written by Anna Clements and with the help of Count the Kicks I was able to really understand what Mercedes is going through. I hope the storyline will help dispel the myths about stillbirth and make it easier for people to talk about.”

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