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New Fertility Treatment Could Help Women Conceive After Early Menopause

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An innovative new surgical technique could mean trying to conceive successfully for women with this fertility problem

Hearing the news that you’re experiencing early menopause isn’t something that any woman wants to hear. You probably haven’t even thought about starting a family yet, let alone menopause. But luckily a new breakthrough treatment could help you have a baby after all.
The fertility treatment, devised by researchers from the U.S. and Japan, uses an advanced technique which ‘reawakens’ the small, undeveloped eggs that remain in a woman’s womb when going through early menopause.

These undeveloped eggs are matured through a combination of two techniques, which involved removing the ovaries. Firstly the ovaries are cut into lots of fragments and then a chemical is applied to ‘take the brakes off’ – reawakening the ovaries. 

The ovary fragments are then reinserted to the top of the fallopian tubes and IVF is started, giving women who’ve had this treatment a chance of having a baby that is biologically their own.

The researchers trialled the treatment on 27 women who were going through the early menopause and successfully grew and matured five eggs to use for IVF. And one woman, who had the treatment and went through the menopause at 25, has had a baby. 

While it’s not yet a dead cert procedure, but it gives some hope to women who this particular fertility problem. 

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