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Can An App Really Help You Conceive A Baby Girl?

A new iPhone and Android app that claims to help people have a baby girl has been created

The app, called StorkDiet/Girl claims to have an 81 per cent success rate and'works by creating a tailor-made nine-week-long diet for each woman who downloads it. Best of all, it’s affordable and will only set downloaders back $9.99 (around £6).
The app was created by Alain Hanash who used the results of data collected from a study conducted by two British universities to help him. The study looked at the eating habits of 776 women who were pregnant for the first time and found that 56 per cent of the mums-to-be who had girls tracked kept to a low-sodium and low-calcium diet.

The app claims to have an 81 per cent success rate 

‘It is a natural and scientific based guide that includes a specific maternal diet and conception timing program,’ says the app’s description, which can be downloaded for iPhones here.
As well as a diet plan, the app includes an ovulation and menstrual cycle tracker, a database of over 8,400 food items ‘to track what is allowed and prohibited on the girl diet’ and a guide explaining the science behind the diet.
Dr Gilbert Webb, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at the Mercy Hospital in St. Louis has doubts about the app’s success. ‘It may offer some slight edge but not a whole lot,’ Dr Gilbert tells Yahoo!.

There are no shortage of theories about whether you can influence whether you have a boy or girl. But whether they work is a different matter.
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