Mother and Baby

Stay Positive When Trying To Conceive

Trying for a baby getting overwhelming? Stay optimistic with these tips

It's easy to feel down when things don't happen the way you want them to after months of trying for a baby. But keeping your spirits up is important right now, and these easy ideas can help.

Stay close

Don't shut your partner out when you're feeling down. It can be hard to talk when you're feeling despondent, but open up and chat through your emotions – he's probably having a hard time too.

Make a list

Note down everything that is brilliant about your life. It will be longer than you expect, and great to look at from time to time to remind you that life is good.

Don't shut your partner out when you're feeling down

Have a laugh

Take your mind off things and make time for fun. Watch a hilarious film and boost your brain's dopamine levels: the hormone is a neurotransmitter that triggers a feeling of pleasure which has a positive effect on mood, as well as motivation.

Go out

See friends and let them cheer you up. Being around other people and showing an interest in their lives has been shown to boost positivity.

Get your trainers on

Yes, we are going to tell you to go for a walk. Going out and connecting with nature has been shown to give you more physical and mental energy as well as a feeling of wellbeing.

Try some mindful meditating

Before you dismiss the idea, just give it a go. Sit outside and pay close attention to what you're doing, your thoughts and your sensations.

Appreciate the breeze and the sunlight on your face and think about how amazing the trees are, rather than thinking about how things aren't going your way right now.

Make a happiness box

Put things you love in there – like a happy photo, some chocolate, a favourite scent... and open it every time you need a boost.


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