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The India Surrogacy Debate: Where Do You Stand?

Plans for a multi-million-pound surrogacy house in India were revealed in a BBC documentary last night

There are plans to build a huge complex in India specifically to house women paid to be surrogates for Western couples.

The multi-million-pound development will house hundreds of mums-to-be and is the brainchild of fertility doctor Nayna Patel.

Patel has been criticised in the past for her business, which has run for 10 years and involves bringing together childless couples from overseas with women struggling with extreme poverty in India.

These women are paid around £5,000 to carry a couple’s baby – part of the deal is that they live and are looked after in a communal house in Gujarat for the duration of their pregnancy, before having their babies delivered by Patel.

Although Patel’s work involves life-changing money for the women’s families, she’s been accused of exploiting those in a difficult and desperate position.

These women are paid around £5,000 to carry a couple’s baby

The plans to build this bigger complex, which will including living space for the mums-to-be as well as hotel rooms for people arriving to collect their babies and even a gift shop, were revealed in BBC4 documentary House of Surrogates last night.

Taking Patel’s work to whole new level, there’s no doubt it’ll draw even more critics.

But the doctor stands by what she does, highlighting that the women understand the service they’re providing and are also taught valuable skills such as embroidery to help their future employability.

‘There are a lot of allegations that this is just a business, this is just baby-selling, a baby-making factory, and all these phrases used to hurt,’ she said in the documentary.

‘These surrogates are doing the physical work agreed, and they are being compensated for that. They know that there is no gain without pain.’

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