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The Man’s Guide To Healthy Sperm: Boost Your Chance Of Conception

Trying to conceive is a two-way street, and there are plenty of things your partner can do to help things along and make sure his sperm is in good nick

When it comes to boosting your fertility chances, the health of a man’s sperm is all important. As a plus point, men are always producing new sperm – so little changes can make a difference quickly.

A quick health MOT will give you pointers on how you can give both of you a better chance when trying for a baby.

Quit smoking

This is a biggie, so encourage him to seek advice and support for giving up. ‘Smoking depletes the body of vital nutrients for sperm production,’ says fertility expert Zita West. You also don’t want to be bothered by his second-hand smoke fumes when you’re pregnant – or when you have a baby. It’s a win-win.

Reassess his alcohol intake

We’re not saying he has to go completely teetotal, but cutting back is a good idea.

‘Research has found it takes couples less time to get pregnant when alcohol is taken out of the equation, but it’s difficult because conception times vary for different people anyway,’ says Zita. ‘What I’d suggest is limiting it to perhaps six units or less a week, and ditching binges.’

Keep masturbating

It may seem like he shouldn’t be doing this – the idea of wasting quality goods and all that – but it’s actually beneficial when you’re trying to conceive.

‘Sperm eventually dies if it isn’t released on a regular basis, which overall damages its quality,’ says Zita. ‘So, when you’re not having sex, it’s fine for him to masturbate.’ He can thank us later.

Be aware of lap action

It’s become almost a joke when people talk about conceiving, but having his computer on his lap all the time really does damage his fertility.

‘The reason his testicles are on the outside of his body is so his sperm stays cool, which keeps it effective,’ says Zita. ‘Laptops, saunas, hot tubs and even tight boxers cause overheating, which damages his sperm.’

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Think about his diet

A nutrient-filled diet makes all the difference to producing healthy baby batter. ‘Encourage him to steer clear of processed food,’ says Zita. ‘Fresh fruit, veg, meat and fish should be on the menu, as they contain fertility-supporting nutrients including lycopene, amino acids and Vitamin D.’ Another reason to watch what he eats? Being overweight can also cause his testicles to heat up.

Get his trainers on

Exercise will keep him healthy and at a good weight, but it’s best not to overdo it. ‘Working out and keeping fit is beneficial when you’re trying to conceive but, again, it’s important for his testicles not to overheat,’ says Zita. ‘For that reason, I’d recommend he doesn’t sign up for a marathon or do anything too intense.’

Monitor his stress levels

Passion, enjoyment and keeping the hormones surging when you’re having sex are all part of the baby-making process. So, if his mind’s elsewhere and racing with work worries, perhaps suggest he takes action to de-stress.

‘There are plenty of relaxation techniques he could try, such as meditation,’ says Zita.

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