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The vegetable your man needs if you're trying to conceive

Looking to boost your conception chances? It may be as simple as getting more of a certain vegetable on the menu…

Diet can make all the difference when it comes to baby making – and that's his as well as yours. The best thing to pile on his plate? Carrots. Our favourite orange vegetable has been found to improve sperm performance, according to a Harvard University study.

A group of 200 men followed a diet filled with various fruit and veg to test the effect on their sperm.

Our favourite orange vegetable has been found to improve sperm performance

Yellow and orange foods came out on top – think pumpkin, sweetcorn and swede – because they're packed with chemicals called carotenoids, which give them their colour and, researchers found, help sperm swim towards an egg.

The results found that carrots in particular improve sperm performance by between 6.5 and 8 per cent. If you man isn't a fan, stock up on sweet potato and melon, which were also found to be great fertility boosters.

Aside from altering his diet, there are plenty of other lifestyle changes your partner can make to help boost his sperm count, including quitting smoking, getting his trainers on and cutting back on the booze. Click here for more tips, including a surprising one he'll definitely thank us for.

What lifestyle changes did you make to have a baby? Let us know below.


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