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Whatever stage of your fertility journey you're at, Mother&Baby want to make it easier – welcome to our new campaign It's Not Just You #fertility

The moment you decide you want to start a family is likely to be one of your life’s biggest turning points so far. You may even find yourself worrying about whether it’ll actually happen long before you start the practical business of trying to conceive.

And, once that decision is made, it’s amazing how fast it can feel like it’s <ll that matters. Here at Mother&Baby, we know how stressful it can be if it feels like it's taking forever. That's why our new campaign It’s Not Just You #fertility aims to support women through the highs and lows of their fertility journey.

Sharing the burden

When we asked M&B readers who they opened up to about getting pregnant, almost half of you admitted you only spoke to your partner. Nearly 70% felt the pressure to conceive quickly was on you, rather than your other half, while over 80% agreed there needs to be more support for women going through fertility treatments, such as IVF.

While we're hoping to provide some of that support, our first step will be to show you you’re not alone –  one in six couples have issues trying to conceive, according to National Infertility Awareness Week, which starts today. This week, we'll be publishing full results of our exclusive survey, plus daily news stories about the latest fertility treatments.

Your support network

Whether you’re just starting out, or undergoing treatment, we want to support you. That's why we promise to bring you all the latest information on what works (and what doesn’t), provide expert guidance to your specific problems and empower you to overcome them.

We also want to encourage greater openness about fertility. It might be negative press around women leaving it too late – or the subliminal message that putting a career (or just a social life) first is what led to the 'problem' in the first place – but we know there can be feelings of guilt and judgment surrounding the subject. We want to change that.


We promise to:

  • Offer support and advice about trying to conceive
  • Help you find the fertility information you need
  • Share stories of other women going through similar experiences
  • Provide expert answers to the questions you give us
  • Offer support to help you cope with the emotional pressure of treatment

Get in touch

We want to hear from you. Tell us about what problems you're facing and what we can do for you at
Or comment below on the one thing you feel would offer the most support when going through your 'trying to conceive' journey.


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