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Danish Ad Encourages Couples To Have MORE Sex

How would you feel about David Cameron taking to the small screen and telling you to go on holiday and have more sex with your partner? A bit grossed out? Totally turned off? Like you’ll never feel sexual desire again?

Us too. But the Danish government has taken the radical step of putting together an ad campaign aimed at would-be parents to help boost the falling birth rate, and we think it’s pretty sweet.

‘Can sex save Denmark’s future?’ the two-minute video starts, noting that the country’s birth rate has dropped to a 27-year low.

 It then introduces us to Emma, who was ‘born and raised in Denmark… but made in Paris’. Emma and her boyfriend head to the French capital on holiday, and even visit the hotel where she was conceived.

‘Danes have 46% more sex on holiday than they do in every day life,’ the ad continues, before showing us some of the things Emma and her partner get up to on their trip abroad.

Forget lying back and thinking of England – do it for Denmark!

What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below.


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