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You've Used Our Ovulation Calculator - Now What?

If you’re navigating your way to pregnancy you’ve come to the right place

You’ve used our ovulation calculator – but what do you do now? It’s normal to feel stressed at the mere mention of your ovulation dates. But there are lots of simple steps to help increase your chances of conception.

Understand what it means

So you have your ovulation time, but what does it all mean? If biology isn’t your strong point, take a look at ovulation explained for a quick science lesson on the basics. It’ll help you understand your cycle and give you all the fertility info you need.

Have the best baby-making sex

You’ve found the days you should be doing it, highlighted them in your diary and let your partner know date night is on. But what about the actual sex? Discover how to have the best baby-making sex to improve the likelihood of conception.

Top up on folic acid

Up until now the only vitamin hit you swore by was a Berocca after a big night out. So murmurs of supplements and fertility may be sending you into guilt overdrive. The advice goes like this: a 400mg of folic acid is recommended if you’re trying to conceive and into your first trimester. Found out how to get folic acid into your daily diet. 

Make food work for you

You’ve heard the spiel about a balanced diet, but aren’t ready to bin the entire contents of your fridge or turn your back on the work birthday buffet. All you need are some super-simple tweaks to your diet to provide your body with fertility-boosting nutrients you need to grow a baby.

How to help him

Trying to conceive can be emotionally draining experience, not just you, but for your partner, too. There’s a chance he’s feeling the strain and if it’s putting stress on your relationship, follow our fertility relationship guide. Or, if his confidence is taking a battering, keep it and his mojo up.

Keep it in perspective

Most importantly, relax about it. Most couples having regular sex twice or more a week will get pregnant within a year. However It can be hard to ignore the worry that there might be something wrong if you don’t get pregnant straight away. Find out more with our guide on keeping your cool. 

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